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  1. There Are Opportunities For Entrepreneurship In The Coming Year

    As people have more time to reflect upon their careers while we go through a period of high unemployment numbers, there are growing opportunities in franchise and small business ownership, making it the ideal time to consider entrepreneurship. Franchisees tackled challenging times and modified their business models to stay afloat following the outbreak of the…

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  2. Overcoming Battered Investor Syndrome

    The last several months have been a challenging time across the United States due to Covid-19. It has caused changes in public safety, daily schedules and routines and negatively impacted the economy and job market. Those are some very visible effects of the pandemic that have played out on a daily basis since March. What…

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  3. How Franchisors Have Helped Business Owners Through The Pandemic

    The last couple of months have certainly been challenging for everyone, but if there is a bright spot in the business world, it may be found in the self-sufficiency offered through franchising. For much of my adult life, I’ve argued that franchising is one of the best vehicles for individuals to achieve their income, lifestyle,…

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  4. Why Now Is A Good Time To Take Ownership Of Your Career

    When COVID-19 quickly spread across the United States in March, our daily routines changed almost overnight. While adapting to stay-at-home orders, many individuals have been using the additional time around the house in productive ways, such as catching up on reading, tackling repair projects or learning a new skill. This should also be a time…

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  5. Seven Tricks To Attract Top Talent

    Hiring a new team member is easy. Hiring a great team member is something entirely different. When unemployment was low, people could be selective about where they wanted to work. Even as unemployment skyrockets, especially due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s still not all that simple. Somebody you’re considering may be enthusiastic not because they love…

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  6. Tips To Upgrade Your Office Headquarters To Attract Top-Notch Talent

    When working alone or from a home office, the appearance of a workspace may not be as important. But if you have even just one employee, and especially if you want to attract top-flight talent, you really need an office that you can envision the best and brightest working in. If you are thinking that…

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