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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Honoring Those Who Have Served

Honoring those who have served. They are the men and women who have put service before self … who answered the nation’s call to service. Thank you for your extraordinary commitment, your unwavering dedication to protecting the American way of life, and to the many sacrifices you have made.

Today, less than 1 percent of our population shoulders the responsibilities of our national defense through their service, and just 7 percent of all living Americans are veterans.

As we take this Veterans Day to recognize and thank our service men and woman for their selfless and willing sacrifice, let’s also commit to honoring our nation’s veterans every day by helping them make successful transitions from military to civilian life.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Over 2.52 million businesses are owned by American veterans. These veterans continue their service by not only contributing tremendous growth to the economy through business ownership but also by creating economic opportunities for other Americans.

Frequenting veteran-owned businesses is a great way to show your support for returning service members and their families — not just today, but year-round.

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