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The Entrepreneurs Source Reviews Why a Proactive Mindset is an Entrepreneur’s Best Asset

The Entrepreneurs Source Reviews Why a Proactive Mindset is an Entrepreneur’s Best Asset 

Individuals who tend to be proactive have a disposition geared toward taking intentional action, helping them create their own environment, future and fate. They don’t wait for others to make decisions or decide their future for them – they create their own path.

“In an entrepreneurial sense, this means that if you have a proactive personality you firmly believe that you control the fate of your business,” an Inc.com article noted. “Other factors – economy, competition, etc. – influence it, but you are responsible for its success.”

If this personality archetype sounds like you, then entrepreneurship via franchise ownership may be the right path for you. When it comes to franchise ownership, possessing a proactive mindset is an advantage. However, if you tend to stay reactive in situations, luckily for you this tendency can be easily transformed. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews why specifically it helps to have a proactive mindset in franchising and how you can work on transforming your mindset.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Proactivity in Franchising
Studies show that having a proactive personality can be an indicator of entrepreneurial aspirations and success. When you think about it, this makes sense. Many qualities that make for a successful entrepreneur are typically ingrained in proactive individuals. The main findings of this research stems from the idea that you can increase your likelihood of success by taking initiative more often.  Conversely, those who are reactive in nature aren’t as likely to sustain long-term success because they don’t take preemptive measures to change their results.

In terms of self-sufficiency, when you look at owning a business as a vehicle to success, possessing an active outlook is necessary. Many individuals suffering from Battered Career Syndrome make the decision to leave their corporate 9-5 job to have a bigger say and more control over their future by ultimately becoming self-sufficient. Having this hands-on worth ethic to take your future into your own hands is a sign of being proactive and can be a great fit for franchising.

As a franchisee, you are the decision maker in your business and you are responsible for the fate of your franchise entity. Although you have support of the franchisor and other franchisees in the system and the system guardrails are designed to save yourself significant time, energy and money, you will call the shots and others working at your establishment will rely on you for guidance and authority. Proactively taking measures and action to grow your franchise, communicate with employees and make sure that everything is running smoothly is essential to running your business.

Transform Your Attitude from Reactive to Proactive
If you don’t have a tendency toward taking proactive measures, don’t fret. Luckily for you, mindsets aren’t set in stone and can be dramatically transformed fairly quickly. Mindsets are self-created and are a measure of how much you believe and strive to influence your personal environment. Each individual has total control over his or her mindset; it is not forced upon you. Your attitude is about how you look at and respond to situations, and by consciously working on changing your attitude you truly can achieve a more positive outlook. In addition, it helps to surround yourself with forward-thinking individuals, people who will model behavior and respectfully challenge you on your blind spots.

Self-sufficiency is a process and doesn’t happen overnight, and to ultimately achieving this dream it may take some personal work. Do you want to make the decision to work toward becoming a more proactive individual? Well, the good news for you is this is the first step in transforming your mindset. Making the decision that you want to become more proactive in itself is an active measure. To continue transforming your mindset, start with these small steps which can make big differences:

  • Turn a negative situation into a positive situation (there is always opportunity, even if the opportunity is, leaving a bad situation behind)
  • Find a minor problem and consciously tackle it head on
  • Embrace a change in your life rather than fearing it
  • Set a small goal, and pursue it until you reach it
  • Take fault for something, and shake it off

By consciously deciding to take these simple, smaller actions, you can help shift your tendency towards becoming more proactive – which can help you on your dream to becoming self-sufficient.

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