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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Your “WHAT” is important — but so is Your “WHY”

Jason Madden – Putting His Own Discovery to Work For TES Clients.  WHY?  When others are asking, “WHAT?” The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) takes it a step further and asks, “WHY?”

TES Career Ownership Coach™ Jason Madden was 34 when he began looking for the “What’s next?” after his retirement from military service. After four years in the Marine Corps, Madden went back into civilian life just long enough before he joined the Army. His career in Army Intelligence allowed him to travel the world, but he knew it was time to start thinking ahead. “About a year before getting out of the military, I knew it was time for a change. I was looking toward the next step,” Madden says.

The “WHAT” was simple for Madden.

“Franchise ownership was already on my radar. I was always interested in the fitness industry and fitness coaching, so I was thinking a gym.” He saw an interview with Susan Scotts from The Entrepreneur’s Source® on a veteran’s mentoring network. “I wanted to learn more and I reached out to her,” Madden told us. “I knew other career coaches were out there, but they were not nearly as effective at providing clarity as Susan was.”

“We actually looked at a number of things in the personal training and fitness spaces…even looked at hospitality… a number of different industries,” says Madden. But Madden still wasn’t sold. “My wife is still on active duty so we are facing a move every three years. We also like to travel a lot. I realized that a brick and mortar business was not a good idea for me.”

And it was that moment of clarity that helped Jason realize that the “WHAT” was important — but so was the “WHY.”

“Lifestyle was definitely important to me. I still wanted to be able to volunteer and work with veterans.” That’s when Scotts brought up the idea of becoming a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “It made perfect sense! I travel. I live near a military base. I never would have thought of it or searched for it on my own.”

Now the “WHAT” and the “WHY” have come together for Jason Madden. About a year into his exciting career as a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, Jason puts his military background and his own journey of discovery to good use.

“My military background has definitely prepared me for self-employment. I am so structured, and probably a little detail-obsessed. It’s the discipline. In the military, we get up at 4 or 5 a.m. to do fitness training, then we go into our place of duty and we are right there every single day. It’s kind of that mentality that the ball is never going to get dropped, and the discipline behind that.”

As for his own journey of discovery: “It does give me some insight with my clients. For one, it really helps me narrow down my client’s goals. I find I usually end up working with someone who wants to do something in their current industry. It (my journey of discovery) really helps me open their minds to new possibilities,” Madden says.

At the end of the day, Madden feels like there are a lot of similarities between working as a fitness coach and a career transition coach.

“It’s a lot like being a fitness coach. We set goals for our clients. We set benchmarks and debrief them. I’m coaching, just coaching a little bit differently. I can still engage in the military and help my former colleagues. The Entrepreneur’s Source® is really a perfect fit for me.”

Are you interested in exploring your own possibilities, options and dreams and building toward self-sufficiency, just like Jason?   Get started here: www.entrepreneurssource.com.

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