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The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: Whose Dreams Are You Realizing? Let’s Talk Equity

Are you living your dream… or someone else’s?

It’s a serious question and deserves some deeper thought. Let’s assume that you’ve got a great job. For the most part, you enjoy it. You are happy with the salary you are making. You might even have money set aside to send your kid to college and still be able to take a week of vacation somewhere nice each year. Basically, you’re happy.

You know who’s happier? The person that owns the company you’re working for, that’s who.

He/she has a great job. For the most part, he/she enjoys it. They are happy with the salary and you can bet they have plenty of money set aside to send their kid to college. They can probably take as much time as they want for vacation. Basically, they are VERY happy that you are working for them because every day you do a good job for them is another day where you’re building wealth and equity for someone else.

Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, we know that exploring business ownership requires education, awareness, and discovery and when you do find a business that you’re ready to invest in, it is going to be hard work.. Business ownership has its own set of obstacles, and it’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking at the big picture — the picture that has you building equity for yourself and NOT FOR someone else — and you realize it’s your future you want to secure, then, small-business ownership might be for you.

Equity is defined as: the interest in assets you have built up. In plain-speak; equity is what you own that might be worth money to someone else. When you work for a company that you don’t own, when you are spending your time helping a company succeed, then you are helping someone else build equity. What about you?

Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source, says it’s time to shift your mentality and take control by exploring an alternative career strategy! You do that by investing proactively with a business vehicle behind you. When you are working for yourself, it’s YOUR equity you are building, not someone else’s!

Equity development is just one of four key components that The Entrepreneur’s Source feels plays a vital role in your I.L.W.E.™ – a critical driver of your overall happiness and satisfaction with life. The other three are:

  • Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Wealth

Defining your I.L.W.E.™and determining your Goals, Needs, and Expectations are important steps for you and your alternative career coach as you move forward from employment to empowerment.

It’s time to wake up and live your dream… not someone else’s. The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you do that.

Contact us, and we can take the first steps to helping you build your own equity. Or take a couple of minutes and explore franchise opportunities using our Franchise Match® tool.

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