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  1. How To Overcome Burnout And Avoid Quiet Quitting

    After witnessing more than four decades of complex business cycles featuring changing corporate buzzwords, the heart of the conversation remains the same: If you don’t act, someone else will. So don’t settle for the status quo or take the easy way out by joining the “quiet quitting” contingent. Take action and discover your unique path…

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  2. Take A Drive On Main Street To Find Career Stability

    While politicians and Wall Street capture media attention and suck up all the airtime with doom and gloom predictions, Main Street businesses continue to be the heartbeat of the American economy, and their future is bright. Unlike the nation’s policymakers and the Wall Street power brokers who can win or lose millions of dollars in…

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  3. Considering Entrepreneurship? Reimagine Your Future By Determining Your Goals

    How do you picture your future? As we continue through the roaring 2020s and accelerate into what I call the “Great Reimagine Age,” it’s time to stop living in fear of success and invest in yourself. Job security has been on the decline for decades, but the widespread job losses in 2020 were a wake-up call….

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  4. Navigating Career Uncertainty With Franchise Ownership

    Today’s world is accelerating with radical new technology and innovation on one side and supply chain and labor shortages on the other. While the bold entrepreneurs explore new worlds, the average American may put their dreams on hold and brace for impact. They hold back from pursuing their own personal journey while they watch from…

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  5. Three Signs You Are On A Hedonic Career Treadmill

    If the corporate rat race is leaving you feeling battered and bruised, the time is right to stop running on the hedonic career treadmill and follow a new path. The psychological phenomenon known as the “hedonic treadmill” is the mind’s tendency to return to its baseline level of happiness once the initial thrill or heartbreak…

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  6. How Millennium-Minded Millennials Can Chart A New Career Course

    Millennials are abandoning corporate America in droves and charting a new course to find flexible schedules, financial freedom and job security. Business ownership is helping Millennials achieve the American dream. Thirty percent of Millennials have a small business or “side hustle” and entrepreneurship is the goal for 56%, according to a GoDaddy survey. The survey, which…

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