Answers to common career transition coaching questions.

There is no doubt you have many questions concerning The Entrepreneur’s Source, our coaches and our methods. The good news is, we’re an open book!

Coaching Questions

Why should I work with a coach? Can't I look at options on my own?

Many of our clients will explore options that they are passionate about or have an interest in thinking they would be successful doing something they love or enjoy. Research shows this is a recipe for disaster. This is why working with a coach is so important. They will help you explore possibilities that can be the vehicle for you to achieve your income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals.

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing! Our coaches earn money based on referral fees, which means they’re all yours without you paying a cent out of your pocket.

How does The Entrepreneur's Source coach get paid?

The short answer is that TES coaches get paid in referral fees. The longer answer is that they get paid by our business and financial partners if and when you choose to work with those partners. So, no worries – you can leave your wallet in your pocket.

If I work with an Entrepreneur's Source coach, won't my options be limited?

No! The sky’s the limit. We’re here to open up possibilities for you, not limit them. Our job is to guide you toward a point of clarity, a place of self-assuredness where you feel more confident about your future. And, if you choose to dive into franchising, we proudly partner with over 250 of the nation’s most acclaimed franchisors.

What is the time commitment needed to work with a coach?

Our coaches will work with you at whatever pace is needed for your discovery process. All we ask is that you keep an open mind and are committed to at least touching base with your coach weekly to ensure you are making progress on your goals, needs, and expectations.

Business & Franchise Questions

What are the best business opportunities?

That depends completely on you. Determining the best opportunity for you takes fully understanding your needs, desires, resources and goals. TES coaches are trained to help you work through all that self-assessment and choose the opportunity that suits you best.

Not ready to talk to a coach? No problem. Try our free online Your Career 2.0 Launchpad to see if coaching makes sense for you.

How do I finance a business?

Can my coach still help if I am not in love with a specific product or service?

Absolutely, in fact, our research has found that some of our most successful business owners were not in love with the product or service of their business but was still able to capitalize on the opportunity.

Are there more possibilities to look at other than fast food?

Yes! Franchising offers possibilities in over 100 different industries and sub-sectors within those industries. Working with a coach will help you explore possibilities that best fit your goals, needs, and expectations.

Company Questions

How long have you been in business for?

The Entrepreneur’s Source has been in business for 40 years.

How many individuals do you work with each year?

Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source, we help hundreds of people each year explore self-sufficiency. Over our 40 years in business, we are proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals explore their dreams of self-sufficiency through business ownership.

How is your company different than a Franchise broker or consultant?

Our Career Ownership Coaches take a much different approach than a typical broker or consultant. Our mission is to help you reach a point of clarity through education, awareness, and discovery. By following this approach, they will take as much time as needed to help you get here and will be your biggest supporter every step of the way.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please contact us.