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The Changing Work Environment: Understanding the New Norms and Navigating the Chaos

The world of work has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past few years, leading to many new terms that attempt to describe the various phenomena reshaping our professional lives. From “The Great Resignation” to “The New Unemployables,” these terms capture the complexities and challenges of the modern work environment. Understanding these concepts is crucial…

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  1. How to Stay Engaged and Energized in Your Career at 79

    Leveraging Experience and Overcoming Age Stereotypes in Entrepreneurship As the global population ages, the traditional concept of retirement is being redefined. More and more individuals are choosing to remain active in their careers well into their seventies and beyond. At 79, it is possible to feel vibrant, never experience burnout, and work with no intention…

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  2. Embrace the Future: 10 Predictions for 2034

    Transitioning into the Future is best done with a partner. Let our Career Ownership Coaches guide you through exploring diverse career options, ensuring you find clarity in your path—all at no cost.

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  3. Empowering Latinas Through Career Ownership Coaching®

    According to a new report released by Lean In, Latinas are significantly underrepresented at the top levels of corporate hierarchies. The report reveals that only 1% of C-suite executives are Latinas, while women hold 27.4% of these roles overall.

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  4. How Parental Business Ownership Can Provide Stability and Legacy

    Owning a business not only provides stability but also offers a legacy that can help children avoid the challenges of unemployment, bankruptcy, and layoffs

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  5. Military Spouse Builds New Future as an Entrepreneur

    After spending more than three decades supporting her husband’s military career and raising three children, Lyzette Bryant turned to career ownership coaching with The Entrepreneur’s Source® to chart a new course as a business owner. Lyzette’s husband, Ira W. Bryant Jr., a major in the U.S. Army stationed at Sumter Lowry Armory in Plant City,…

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  6. Navigating Job Loss and Salary Cuts with a Career Ownership Coach®.

    Experiencing a layoff at the age of 57 can be a daunting and disheartening experience. Despite years of dedication, experience, and expertise, many find themselves struggling to secure new employment, often facing hundreds of rejections even after significantly lowering their salary expectations.

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  7. Why Complete Retirement Shouldn’t Necessarily Be the Goal

    With people living longer and healthier lives, the period after retirement can span 20 to 30 years or more. This extended timeframe necessitates reevaluating how we spend those years.

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  8. People Are Dissatisfied with Corporate America’s Limitations

    The pandemic has disrupted the career market unprecedentedly, creating new challenges and opportunities for individuals and corporations.

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  9. The Most Common Reasons People Change Careers

    …in a survey where 49% of U.S. workers have made a dramatic career shift, and 65% are considering it, what are the common reasons people change careers, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so?

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