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  1. Exploring Running A Home-Based Business

    The future of working is changing. When the pandemic hit earlier this year, many people worked from home for a period of time. While many people have since returned to the office, it gave others a different work experience they would like to explore further. For anyone who has ever thought of starting a business…

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  2. Why Franchising Is A Logical Career Path For Veterans

    For those who have served their country and are trying to determine their career path after the military, franchising presents a great option. Veterans make excellent franchise owners, and many franchisors have programs designed to help them purchase their own franchises. It’s something to remember for those military members looking for their next chapter, or…

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  3. Four Ways Businesses Can Go Virtual (Beyond The Usual Video Call)

    Sometimes it can seem like our lives are all one big Zoom meeting in 2020. But for the business owner looking to connect with a client or customer safely and from a healthy distance, I can tell you from experience that you do have other options than using a web-based video conferencing platform to host…

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  4. There Are Opportunities For Entrepreneurship In The Coming Year

    As people have more time to reflect upon their careers while we go through a period of high unemployment numbers, there are growing opportunities in franchise and small business ownership, making it the ideal time to consider entrepreneurship. Franchisees tackled challenging times and modified their business models to stay afloat following the outbreak of the…

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  5. Overcoming Battered Investor Syndrome

    The last several months have been a challenging time across the United States due to Covid-19. It has caused changes in public safety, daily schedules and routines and negatively impacted the economy and job market. Those are some very visible effects of the pandemic that have played out on a daily basis since March. What…

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  6. How Franchisors Have Helped Business Owners Through The Pandemic

    The last couple of months have certainly been challenging for everyone, but if there is a bright spot in the business world, it may be found in the self-sufficiency offered through franchising. For much of my adult life, I’ve argued that franchising is one of the best vehicles for individuals to achieve their income, lifestyle,…

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