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  1. How To Navigate The New Career Economy

    What some are calling the Roaring 2020s may be a time when innovation is adopted rapidly on a global scale, establishing the new career economy, where time and distance no longer matter. The labor experts and historians will pontificate about this moment, declaring a new epoch and debating if remote work is permanent or transitory and how…

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  2. The Solution For The Overqualified And Underemployed May Be Self-Employment

    Overqualified is when you work for someone else and exceed the requirements of that particular job. Underemployment is sometimes hard to classify but, as with many situations, you know it when you experience it. Underemployment is different than unemployment as it involves employees who have a job but aren’t using their talents or perhaps their…

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  3. Will You Be Part Of The Great Ownership Revolution?

    You may have heard of “The Great Resignation,” but I see the spark of a new demand for greater control over personal income, wealth and equity holdings — and, of course, the elusive work and life balance we all crave. I see the declaration of independence from traditional 9-5 and the spark of “The Great…

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  4. How To Overcome The Hourglass Economy

    Society and macroeconomics have resembled a funhouse mirror in the last year. By some barometers, such as the stock market, 2020 and 2021 could be described as having a strong and robust economy. In other ways, for those affected by layoffs and business shutdowns, it has been devastating. Whatever your perspective, there’s no doubt that…

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  5. A Return To Normal Or The Roaring 2020s? What You Need To Know About Starting A Business Right Now

    The global pandemic will eventually become a distant memory as more people get vaccinated and there are fewer Covid-19 cases. However, the buzz about long-term macroeconomic impact is starting to take shape. The history books may call this moment in time a “return to normal” or “the roaring 2020s,” depending on what happens next. As…

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  6. Women Empowered By Business

    As we roar further into the 2020s, I’ve been thinking about Women’s History Month and the momentum that’s been made by women empowered by business over the years, and it’s quite impressive. If you are of a certain age, you can probably look back at when you started working your first job and start to…

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