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Are You Still Focused on Your 2020 Vision?

Seven Months In — Are You Still Focused on Your 2020 Vision?
Take Charge of Your Future and Find Your Career 2.0® through Career Ownership™

Staying focused on your 2020 vision of putting your stagnant career in motion and allowing The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), to guide your journey is more important than ever as we navigate this unprecedented time.

The outbreak of COVID-19 this spring sent our economy into a downward spiral and created havoc in our daily lives as many Americans struggled to adapt to many lifestyle changes. Troubling economic times provide the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your career and become self-sufficient. Terry Powell, visionary founder of the first and only career transition coaching franchise, is calling 2020, “The Year of the Vision,” and the time to take ownership of Your Career 2.0®.

“The Entrepreneur’s Source® is more committed than ever to helping people celebrate 2020 as ‘The Year of the Vision’ by providing the best coaching resources to our clients and franchisees,” Powell said. “We’ve been helping people escape the Battered Career and Battered Investor Syndrome® and execute a career change that puts them on the path toward the future they’ve always wanted. This has always been our mission, but I am very proud that we are here as a resource for individuals especially during these uncertain times that we are facing. It lets individuals know that there are other possibilities available to explore and achieving your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals are still attainable.”

TES Coaches Help Clients Develop Vision
For more than 35 years, TES has helped tens of thousands of people achieve clarity for their future by offering the education, awareness and discovery they need to improve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals. Career ownership coaching helps people find their path forward and evaluate their possibilities at no cost. The coaches will support while holding you accountable to your dreams and helping you attain financial freedom. Success is not a one-person show, and having a trusted and highly trained career transition coach by your side to hone your 2020 vision is key to following a path to entrepreneurship.

TES Website Helps Launch Your Career 2.0®
As the desire for individuals to be self-sufficient increases, TES is making it easier to launch Your Career 2.0®. The company introduced a new, state-of-the-art platform named Your Career 2.0 Launchpad, which features a cleaner and simplified viewpoint that presents information more intuitively to answer user questions as quickly and directly as possible. TES also added a virtual discovery center in which clients can advance their education and awareness when learning about the career possibilities available to them. Clients are able to navigate their career path and learn answers unique to their personal journey and can access this user-friendly platform at their own convenience.

Economy Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Vision
Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the nation’s economy, according to the Small Business Administration. There were 30.7 million small businesses in the United States in 2019, employing 59.9 million people. During the new normal, small businesses solidified their place in the local community by creating solutions for customers to keep sales up.

The number-one priority of TES coaches is to help clients reach a point of clarity. Coaches use education awareness and discovery to keep you focused and determine if a career transition is right for you.

TES Delivers Success
The Entrepreneur’s Source® exceeded its goals of assisting its franchisees with their business development efforts throughout 2019, which enabled them to spend more time coaching clients on their career transition.

To learn more about how career transition coaching can help you achieve your 2020 vision, visit The Entrepreneur’s Source® today.

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