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Achieve Career Satisfaction During National Learning Month

Set Goals and Keep Learning to Achieve Career Satisfaction During National Learning Month.

Investing in learning and development helps fuel career growth and broaden your opportunities in the business world.

Professional growth prevents career stagnation and enables workers to set career goals and aspirations. A study conducted by Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning revealed that 74 percent felt that they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to a lack of development opportunities.

October is National Learning and Development Month, which is an ideal time to remind yourself to take time to keep learning new skills to increase your marketability. The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading Career Ownership Coaching™ franchise, can help you achieve the skills you need to discover self-sufficiency and financial freedom. Investing in your learning and development will pave the way for future profits.

“The rocky economy and tenuous job market are causing many corporate American workers to settle,” said Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “The days of long-term job security and a lifetime with one company are gone. Receiving guidance and support from a Career Ownership Coach™ will help you gain confidence in the future of your career.”

Combat Battered Career Syndrome®
Workers in corporate America are feeling battered and bruised. At least 36 percent of Americans remain concerned about job security and 65 percent experience on-the-job stress, according to a recent Gallup poll. To add insult to injury, at least 52 percent of corporate workers are not completely satisfied with their potential for promotion.

Battered Career Syndrome® means being subjected to the frustration of turning to the next career path in the company you work for, and then being downsized, right-sized or let go, and then having to start over again. It is when you find out your job has been outsourced, disappeared, or that the company has cut back. Career Ownership Coaches can help break the vicious cycle of Battered Career Syndrome® and help you determine if ending your slog up the corporate ladder is a solution for your family.

Set Goals for the Future
The first step in discovering Your Career 2.0® is to realize your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (I.W.L.E.™), goals. Your Career Ownership Coach™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES),  will help you understand your I.W.L.E.™ goals for you and your family free of charge.

Understanding these important goals will enable you to find clarity and purpose on your journey. Setting and achieving career goals will help increase your career satisfaction, bolster your self-esteem and improve your quality of life. Understanding what is important for you to achieve will put you on a path to financial freedom and self-sufficiency. Your Career Ownership Coach™ will hold you accountable to your goals and ensure you are working to achieve your vision throughout the coaching process.

Turn to Entrepreneurship to Achieve Success
Twenty-seven million Americans are starting or running new businesses and 86 percent of United States entrepreneurial activity is motivated by opportunity, according to recent research conducted by Babson College. Entrepreneurship offers a flexible schedule, ownership of your career and high profit potential. Opening a franchise business allows entrepreneurs to own a business with a proven business model coupled with the support, training and brand recognition they need to generate profits. Your Career Ownership Coach™ at TES will guide you through the discovery process to help you reach a point of clarity concerning your future and ease the process of your career transition.

Highlight National Learning and Development Month by contacting a Career Ownership Coach™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source® to learn more about starting your journey to a fulfilling future. Or, find out more by reading our latest book, “Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.”

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