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Career Complaints? Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell on Overcoming Battered Career Syndrome

Nearly half of all middle-class Americans are not confident in their ability to save sufficiently for retirement. In the post-recession economy, workers are still struggling to gain a foothold on their professional growth. Work satisfaction surveys point an even gloomier employment picture.

Battered Career Syndrome means being subjected to the frustration of turning to the next career path in the company you work for, and then being downsized, right sized or let go, and then having to start over again,” said Terry Powell founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “It is when you find out your job has been outsourced, disappeared, or that the company has cut back. Battered Career Syndrome is something that exists in a very large percentage of employment situations today.”

A franchise coaching environment can help people look at battered career syndrome from a different perspective and realize there are other options. Franchise coaching helps people move into an environment where they can take control and no longer be employed.

In fact, it encourages a shift from being employed to being empowered, and it allows franchisees to employ people and upsize, creating a positive impact on the economy, the franchise employees and the franchisee’s return on investment. Franchise coaching can turn reactive investments to proactive ones while helping to get people out of the cycle of banging their heads against the wall from frustration over Battered Career Syndrome.


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