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Diamond Veteran Achieves Financial Freedom

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Diamond Veteran Pursues #FinancialFreedom

Eisler recently helped Michael Baznick discover a path to a new future. Baznick had spent his career working in distribution for the diamond industry. He logged a lot of time traveling to the company’s mines in northern Canada, as well as traveling to India and Belgium. Baznick accepted a package to pursue other opportunities that would allow him to spend less time in airports and more time with his family.

Additionally, Baznick wanted to find a career that would have a positive influence in his community. He was inspired to begin his career-coaching journey after discovering that The Entrepreneur’s Source® offers its services free of charge without any risks or obligations.

“Gary [Eisler] is a great listener. He was able to take in a lot of information and understand my needs and goals, which was always helpful. I didn’t have to repeat myself. Gary’s attention to detail and focus on my goals and outcome were a big positive,” Baznick said.

Baznick opted to purchase a franchise with Schooley Mitchell, which helps businesses reduce costs. The company prides itself on reducing essential business service expenses by 28 percent on average. “Even in a down economy, our business model works quite well because we help businesses cut costs and do not charge for our services until we help them achieve savings,” said Baznick. “I did not want to get in the business of selling a product or service that a customer might not want.”

#Entrepreneurship a Family Business

Baznick’s wife, Shaila, is a partner in their new business venture. She attended many of the weekly meetings when Baznick was experiencing his career-coaching journey. The pair decided to both go through training and work together on the business. Right now, Shaila handles most of the back-office operations, while Baznick works directly with businesses pursuing cost savings.

“In my estimation, they are an engaging, conscientious couple that will go on to do great things together and be very successful as their various skills and experiences balance each other out well,” said Eisler.

Discovers Future as a Career Coach

Gary Eisler, a former marketing executive, actor and film veteran, left the movie industry to start a career helping others discover the possibilities of entrepreneurship.

After graduating from university and subsequently working at multinational advertising agencies for a decade, Eisler resumed a film career that originally began when he was a child. Although it was supposed to be a ‘temporary gig’, his film work eventually evolved into a full-time job where he spent the next 25 years serving various functions in the TV and film industry in Canada. During his time in the film business, he handled several responsibilities, including acting, writing and producing. Eisler also served as a stand-in for Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg, John Stamos and Eugene Levy among many other award-winning actors.

As the years passed, Eisler slowly became disillusioned with his career. It was getting increasingly more difficult to find jobs, and he stopped feeling challenged or fulfilled. After taking time to evaluate his own possibilities, Eisler hit the ground running in 2020 as a Career Ownership Coach™ with the Entrepreneur’s Source® and now spends his days helping people discover self-sufficiency and financial freedom.

“The Entrepreneur’s Source offers me the opportunity to assist clients with exploring numerous possibilities for their future while empathizing with their current circumstances. It’s a win-win scenario because we help people research business ownership, and the businesses potentially get a good fit for their systems. My clients and I also appreciate the fact that all the extensive TES services are completely no-cost and no-obligation,” Eisler said.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® provides Career Ownership Coaching™ to help people determine their future with Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity assessments. Having a safe space to discover, explore and research opportunities is a benefit to people as they determine new paths for their careers and how various options can fit with their goals, needs and expectations.

For more than 36 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source® has been helping people prepare for and execute a career change that puts them on the road toward the future they have always wanted. Since starting his career coaching business, Eisler has dedicated himself to assisting people across North America pursue entrepreneurship.

Take steps to begin pursuing #Entrepreneurship by visiting www.entrpreneurssource.com to learn more about the possibilities that exist for your future. Work with a global network of hundreds of Career Ownership Coaches™ to discover your career vision or check out our guide book, Your Career 2.0®: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.

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