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Security Expert Follows New Career Path with Multi-Unit Mindset™

After spending a successful career in the security industry, Doug Dalrymple signed up for career ownership coaching with The Entrepreneur’s Source® to discover a new path and pursue his Multi-Unit Mindset™.

Dalrymple spent 30 years building a career in the security industry. Most recently, he purchased Crown Security in 2000. When he bought the business, it had 36 employees. Over the years, Dalrymple expanded the business and it had grown to 400 employees when he merged with another company. When Dalrymple was presented with a chance to exit the business in 2019, he took it. “I had a great run in the security business, but was ready for a new venture. Fortunately, I got out before COVID,” Dalrymple said.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® provides career ownership coaching to help individuals discover financial security and self-sufficiency at no cost. Our coaches work with individuals searching for a new path to help them discover their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals. They help clients determine if they will continue to pursue a future in the corporate world, start a business from scratch or pursue entrepreneurship through franchising.

Dalrymple and David Buck, a Career Ownership Coach with TES, crossed paths when they worked in the same industry. The pair rekindled their relationship when Dalrymple was searching for a new opportunity.

Buck started his journey as a Career Ownership Coach™ in 2008 after spending over thirty years in corporate America, including 10 years running a private investigation firm in Baltimore. Coaching gave Buck a flexible career option that would allow him to help other people discover their own success stories. Also, Buck wanted the chance to continue to pursue his volunteer work offering support to wounded veterans through Project Healing Waters.

“I had reached other peoples’ perception of success, but I wasn’t content. I wanted to be able to work past retirement age, and I didn’t want to have an expiration date. I wanted a career with freedom and flexibility,” Buck said. “Coaching allows me to set my own schedule, and I’m not tied to an office.”

Pursue Your Multi-Unit Mindset™

Buck held Dalrymple accountable to his goals as he evaluated potential entrepreneurship opportunities. During the discovery process, Dalrymple determined he had a Multi-Unit Mindset™ and was interested in being a semi-engaged owner. He also wanted a seasonal business that would allow him the flexibility to enjoy life outside of the office.

A multi-unit franchisee agrees to open several business units within a given area; over a period of time that is agreed to by one franchise brand. Multi-unit franchisees leverage technology to oversee operations of multiple units from wherever they might be.

“I found a lot of franchises simply wanted me to give them my money and then wish me good luck,” Dalrymple said. “For me, I like the sales and marketing aspect and the back-office operations, so I wanted a franchise that would offer support.”

Dalrymple opted to pursue entrepreneurship through franchising with Mosquito Shield, which provides residential and commercial customers with professional mosquito and tick control services. Their goal is to help franchise owners build a company, not provide you with a job. One aspect of their business that appealed to Dalrymple is their call center. Customers call one toll-free number and are connected with the franchise owner in that area. “Doug [Dalrymple] is a business development person by nature. Mosquito Shield’s call center is one additional aspect of the marketing that he saw as something he could leverage to ramp the business up faster and expand larger,” Buck said.

Mosquito Shield also gives its franchisees access to a digital operating platform to help operations run smoothly. The platform includes a digital library containing all operational materials, tutorials and training videos, and a forum to engage with other franchisees to discuss best practices. Technology in Dalrymple’s van allows his sprayer to map out the most efficient routes. Dalrymple officially started his Mosquito Shield business last month and already has 12 new customers. Currently, Dalrymple has one employee and has plans to add additional employees and vans as his business grows.

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