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Ending Battered Investor Syndrome

Pandemic Prompts Americans to Reevaluate Investments and Career Ownership

If your portfolio has taken a hit in recent weeks from the volatile stock market, it is the perfect time to consider turning to self-sufficiency through career ownership to take control of your financial future.

Stay-at-home orders, school closures and remote workplaces are changing the way Americans do business; and rattling the economy. The stock market has taken investors on a roller coaster ride of emotions following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the United States. One day stocks rally on talk of reopening the economy, only to sink the next day when unemployment figures are released. While crude oil prices make investors leery, shares of companies in healthcare and consumer staples remain solid, according to a report from Fidelity Investments. Just like the economy following the outbreak of the pandemic, many investors are feeling beaten up and battered. If your heart beats faster and your palms sweat when you hear the market’s latest numbers, you may be suffering from Battered Investor Syndrome®. It’s time to take control of your financial future and ensure you will have enough money when you retire to live the lifestyle you desire.

Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to ending Battered Investor Syndrome®. While adding money regularly to a 401k is vital to your future welfare, it should not be your only nest egg. A reactive investment, like the stock market, is dependent on a wide array of factors that are out of your control and can leave people at loose ends. Managing risk in the stock market is difficult when a typical investor has a portfolio of 20 to 30 stocks to monitor. Reallocating some of your portfolio to a proactive investment, like a franchise, will allow you to control your return on investment and end Battered Investor Syndrome.

“When you’re able to deploy funds into something that you can control, you create your own destiny,” said Terry Powell, visionary and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the leader in career opportunity coaching. “Investing in a business can help provide you with a confident and secure financial future.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® believes the key to starting on a path to success and to diversify your investments is to determine your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals with a Career Ownership Coach™. The nationwide team of Career Ownership Coaches™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source® offers their services free of charge and can help guide you on a path to discovery. Coaches will not push you into making an investment you’re not ready to for, but they will help you open yourself up to the possibility of a future free of Battered Investor Syndrome.

While the pandemic may create some uncertainty, franchise businesses typically thrive during slow economic times. Eldercare franchises, commercial cleaning companies and home-based businesses are just a few of the franchise businesses weathering the pandemic successfully. Investing in career ownership through franchising gives you the ability to operate a proven business model with ample marketing support. Franchising provides an opportunity to invest in a business that can enable you to achieve your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals for yourself and your family.  If your journey of discovery leads you to invest in franchising, The Entrepreneur’s Source® partners with more than 250 of the nation’s most acclaimed franchisors.

“During a time of crisis, individuals are most likely dealing with an environment of fear and uncertainty. It is important during this time to share the benefits a Career Ownership Coach™ can provide. We strive to share our optimism, joy, hope and value with every client we serve,” Powell said.

If you are ready to start healing from Battered Investor Syndrome and take charge of your financial future with a Career Ownership Coach™, visit The Entrepreneur’s Source® to discover how coaching can help you achieve financial freedom.

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