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Entrepreneurs Inspire the American Dream

The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading Career Ownership Coaching™ franchise, which for nearly 40 years has inspired one million people to explore the American Dream of career ownership, applauds the contributions all American entrepreneurs make to our lives.

The United States of America is built on the backs of entrepreneurs. Notable American innovators created the electric light bulb, cars, airplanes, personal computers, chocolate chip cookies, cotton candy and disposable diapers. American entrepreneurs throughout the history of the United States built businesses to harness the vision of these innovators to grow the economy and help our nation flourish.

National Entrepreneurs Day celebrates famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates, as well as small-business owners across the country who had a vision and opted to follow a path to self-sufficiency and financial security. National Entrepreneurs Day is celebrated this year on November 17 and is a time to show gratitude and respect for entrepreneurs who build new businesses and create jobs for many Americans. The holiday continues to be celebrated on the third Tuesday in November.

Twenty-seven million Americans are starting or running new businesses, according to a report released last year from Babson College. Approximately one-third of U.S. startup entrepreneurs are minorities, and 86 percent of U.S. entrepreneurial activity is motivated by opportunity, the report revealed. Entrepreneurs create opportunities for all Americans — 20 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs are expected to employ 20 or more people in their new ventures. Among the U.S. adult population, 75 percent believe that entrepreneurs receive high status in society, contributing to a culture that celebrates and supports entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship helps build the wealth of individual owners, drives innovation and improves our nation’s economy,” said Terry Powell, visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “Our Career Ownership Coaches™ help Americans take charge of their future and create the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ they have always dreamed of.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® offers Career Ownership Coaching™ to help individuals interested in discovering a path to self-sufficiency. The Southbury, Connecticut-based company provides strategic, personalized coaching for people interested in transitioning out of their current careers. Coaches help clients define their goals, needs and expectations to help determine their next career move. Career Ownership Coaches™ help clients find clarity at no cost and help educate you on the possibilities that exist to give you the financial security and peace of mind you are craving.

Entrepreneurship does require hard work. New business owners will be responsible for building their team, developing their marketing plan, creating their business plan and maintaining their work-life balance.

If you are willing to work hard, franchising helps potential business owners tackle many of these items by offering support, training and a proven business model. Franchisees get to eliminate some of the guesswork and risk of opening a new business by using an operating model that has generated success while achieving the career independence they desire. We like to say you are going into business for yourself but not by yourself!

“You get the benefits of business ownership without having to go through some of the major difficulties of building from scratch,” said David Mitchell, a new franchisee of Conserva Irrigation. Mitchell received Career Ownership Coaching™ from The Entrepreneur’s Source® to launch his Career 2.0™.

If you are ready to launch your Career 2.0™, visit The Entrepreneur’s Source® to learn more. Or, find out more by reading our latest book, “Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome.”


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