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How The Entrepreneur’s Source Discovery Process Helps Individuals Find Out Whether Business Ownership is Right for Them

How The Entrepreneur’s Source Discovery Process Helps Individuals Find Out Whether Business Ownership is Right for Them

Based on our thirty years of experience we have found that 75 percent of the adult population has the desire to become be self-sufficient, yet only 5 percent is ready, willing and able to pursue this goal. Contrarily, the remaining 70 percent of this population won’t act upon this desire at least not on their own.

It’s The Entrepreneur’s Source’s main mission to assist these 70 percent of individuals who are unsure of how to become self-sufficient by taking them through the Discovery Process. The Journey of Discovery helps demonstrate the possibilities that are surrounding people, opening up their minds to the entrepreneurial world around them. This unique process allows participants to explore their possibilities of business ownership while in the safe space of a coach.

The Entrepreneur’s Source’s Unique Discovery Process
Through the Discovery Process, coaches help aspiring entrepreneurs identify their goals, needs and expectations. Identifying these will help the individual to really examine what they would like to get out of their next career and possibly business ownership both the long-term and short-term. Having the people reach a point of clarity is the ultimate goal of the Discovery Process, regardless of what the point off clarity is.

Many individuals have a perception of what business ownership looks in their minds.  An alternative career coach can assist in applying their personal vision and learn how various models can serve as vehicles to accomplish that vision as well as how each individual’s unique background and skills are transferable.

Individuals exploring self-sufficiently without the Discovery Process commonly limit their franchise search by only looking for businesses that are in some way familiar to them. This can place an entrepreneur at a major disadvantage because this way of thinking eliminates a plethora of potential businesses opportunities. Believe it or not, current businesses that are based upon an entrepreneur’s past experience and knowledge have the highest rate of failure.

Oftentimes, candidates find that the franchise most appropriate to help them meet their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ (I.L.W.E.™) goals is not the business they had anticipated. In fact, 95 percent of the people who work with The Entrepreneur’s Source coaches end up discovering and acting upon a business prospect that they would have never considered beforehand or admittedly would have prematurely dismissed.

The Discovery Process is a journey aimed at helping individuals define their goals, needs and expectations and ultimately identifying whether franchise ownership is a viable way to accomplish those. The coach’s goal of the Discovery Process is to ensure that the client is having a positive, educational and empowering experience while also ensuring that they aren’t jumping to conclusions based on their previous perceptions.

For more information about the Discovery Process or to contact an Entrepreneur’s Source coach today, visit https://entrepreneurssource.com/.

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