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The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell: What Does a Business Coach Do?

The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell: What Does a Business Coach Do?

The concept of business coaching is different than consulting, brokerage and services of that nature in that business coaching focuses on collaboration with the client. The role of a Business Coach is to help clients discover and create the answers for themselves, rather than just providing standard answers.

“Business Coaching is not about becoming the expert: It is about listening to and looking at the individual client’s goals, needs, and expectations, and then allowing them to discover things in a safe space,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell. “The coaching experience provides the client with a vision of what a business franchise vehicle can do for them. Business Coaches are well trained and proficient at what they do.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source business coaching methodology focuses on a consistent approach developed over 30 years of success. This coaching process creates a space for clients to evaluate their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity (ILWE) goals.

“Coaching is helping somebody see something that they could not see themselves. There are many days that we believe in our clients’ dreams more than they do themselves,” said Brand Manager Tamara Loring, “A coach will encourage and help a client believe in his or her potential. Our coaching process allows for that to happen, because we tap into peoples’ potential as well as their motivators. We help them see something that they could not see themselves, and then we are there to hold them accountable to not giving up on their dreams.”

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