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The Entrepreneur’s Source Shares the Secret to Being in Business for You, Not by Yourself

For franchisors, being in business “for you, but not by yourself” means being surrounded by a team of people dedicated to helping achieve success.

A franchise includes the brand name, the operating system and a team of people dedicated to the success of the franchise. They help with support, training, education, marketing, sales, lead generation and coaching to help the franchise hit the ROI in the business plan.

How to Reach Success for Yourself, Not by Yourself 

Envision for just a moment that an entire team – a football or baseball team, for instance – supports and edifies and helps to make a franchise successful. That is what it means to be in business “for yourself but not by yourself” in a franchise organization. There is a team dedicated to helping create success and to supporting the achievement of income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals.

“This is exactly what our coaches can do for you. Without coaches, all of our programs and discovery methods would be no more effective than a book or fancy tutorial,” said Terry Powell, Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “The guidance and support you receive from a coach is truly unmatched. They make the difference for us, and we’re confident they will make a difference for you, too.”

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