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Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Advice for Recent College Graduates

Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Advice for Recent College Graduates

Today’s job market can make it difficult for a new college graduate to predetermine what their career will be fresh out of college.

“Many college students say, ‘I have gone to school and I’ve earned this degree. I’m looking for this job and I’ve now got the skills that the college says will make me successful and able to do this job,’ but simply having a college degree does not guarantee them their dream job,” said Terry Powell, Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source.

“My advice to kids coming out of school is to be open to an opportunity versus a job. They must be able to open up their minds to possibilities that might be different from what they envisioned the job market looking like coming out of school,” said Powell.

Young college graduates should not target something specific that they believe to be true about what they want to do. They should open their minds and themselves to the opportunities that entrepreneurship can provide.

Below are important pieces of advice to recent college graduates from Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell:

  • Focus on different possibilities—explore both corporate and entrepreneurial paths.
  • Take every opportunity that they have.
  • Be able to turn opportunities into career paths that can take them many different places.

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