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The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on The Coaching Advantage

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on The Coaching Advantage

Many people confuse franchise business coaching with franchise consulting or brokerage, and this misunderstanding can cause many people to miss out on the power of what a franchise coach can do for them. Business coaching is a more empowering experience for individuals looking to change career paths compared to having a consultant or broker try and sell you on a specific prospect. It’s a coach’s job to help you keep an open mind during the entire process.

“Business coaching is about listening to and looking at the individual client’s goals, needs and expectations, and then allowing them to discover business opportunities in a safe space,” said founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Coaching Advantage
The Entrepreneur’s Source has refined their coaching method over their 30 years of success in the industry, and an E-Source coach doesn’t try to sell you on the opportunity, but rather collaborates with you to help you find a venture that will lead you to your goals and that you can be passionate about.

Overall, the coaching process creates a space for you to evaluate your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.™) Goals and to find the right franchise business opportunity.

“Coaching means helping somebody see a possibility that they could not see themselves,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source Brand Manager Tamara Loring. “There are many days when we believe in our clients’ dream more than they do themselves. Our coaching process allows for a client to realize and believe in his or her potential, because we tap into their motivators. We are there to hold them accountable to not giving up on their dreams.”

What a Coach Brings to the Table
Today The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews three abilities that business coaches bring to the table to help their clients in their search for business opportunities that are right for them.

  1. An Insider View of the Franchise Industry:

Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source are knowledgeable in all aspects of franchising sector, so working with an alternative career coach can give you an educational foundation of the industry. Coaches can provide you with Franchising 101 to help you gain understanding of the workings and makings of the franchise industry, such as the various models of franchise businesses and varying industries within franchising. This can help you become knowledgeable of the industry, helping you decide if it is the right fit for you.

  1. Personalized Business Opportunities:

You may think that you know what you want your future to look like, but you may not know how to get there. An alternative career coach can get you to that point. Each coach works with their clients to take his or her vision and apply it to his or her background and skills to help find the right opportunity to meet your I.L.W.E.™Goals. A coach can help you find a business that sparks a passion in you that you didn’t even know you had.

  1. A Network of Ongoing Support

Coaching is a journey that each alternative career coach embarks on with his or her client. The process extends from the initial stages of learning about the client to the intermediate periods of going through The Discovery Process and defining Goals Needs and Expectations to ultimately identifying a franchise match. However, once a candidate is matched doesn’t mean that the collaboration is complete. Even after a client has taken the leap of faith by choosing a franchise to invest in, coaches remain actively involved and supportive throughout the entirety of the process.

A large number of alternative career coaches stay in contact with their clients even after they become franchisees in order to make sure they’re not only successful, but fulfilled in their business.

For more information about how an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise can help you move from Employment to Empowerment by investing in a franchise, contact a coach today https://entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.

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