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The Entrepreneur’s Source and Terry Powell Debunk the Myth of a Steady Paycheck

The Entrepreneur’s Source and Terry Powell Debunk the Myth of a Steady Paycheck

The employer/employee relationship has changed in a multitude of ways, but as it relates to a steady paycheck, the reality for the employer is that employment no longer has to be maintained as a steady paycheck.

Employers have ways of changing the dynamics of how they are paying their team, and they create payroll factors that impact employees all the time. The employee who believes that a steady paycheck is an option today is living in a myth because the reality is that their paycheck can stop at any time.

“The likelihood of losing a job or having to recreate a job again and again is predictable for the future. There is no longer hope for the steady paycheck,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell.

Many people find themselves going down the conventional career path due to the unstable economy and lack of opportunity for careers that support their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals.

The Entrepreneur’s Source has identified this as the Battered Career Syndrome®. But, The Entrepreneur’s Source provides an opportunity to rethink who you are right now and how you are going to make this year different.


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