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Looking Toward the Future Q&A with Melissa Pang from The Entrepreneur’s Source: Building Successful Partnerships Inspires Career Satisfaction

Do you dread heading to work on Monday mornings? Are you simply going through the motions at an unfulfilling job to get a paycheck?

Finding a career that offers satisfaction and success is not just a pipe dream. Melissa Pang discovered her purpose when she accepted the role of Strategic Partner at The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise. The Southbury, Connecticut-based company provides intrepid entrepreneurs with the tools they need to have rewarding and fulfilling careers.

“My job at TES is a perfect fit. I love to brainstorm, collaborate and innovate. The Entrepreneur’s Source® is not afraid to be an industry disruptor and we stand behind our unique differentiators,” Pang said.

After graduating from college in Connecticut with a degree in physical therapy, Pang let adventure be her guide and took a sales job in Australia. When her overseas tenure ended, Pang returned to Connecticut and started working diligently as a physical therapist. Pang enjoyed  interacting with her colleagues and patients, working with individuals from all walks of life and helping them regain their normal way of life. However, the job did not satisfy her enterprising nature. “The places I was working weren’t stimulating and I just went through the motions,” Pang said. “I love working with people and building a rapport with the individuals I come into contact with.”

Pang met with TES visionary and founder Terry Powell to discuss coming on board to help support their franchisor members. Powell’s passion for his business and for empowering entrepreneurs inspired Pang to take the position. “I didn’t know franchising from a French fry. Hearing the job’s possibilities and having the opportunity to work with so many different companies and clients was exciting. Having the conversation with Powell about the position was invigorating and got my brain thinking of the challenge,” she added.

TES relies on a discovery and education-based method of career transition coaching, allowing its clients to discover possibilities that are ideally suited for what they are seeking for themselves and their families. The alternative career coaching service uses proprietary education tools like Franchise Match®  to help clients achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, & Equity goals.

Pang hit the ground running at TES and relied on her fellow team members to educate her on the possibilities within  the franchising industry, and TES. “There is so much going on in the franchising space — hundreds of thousands of franchise concepts, various brokers and consultants, and dozens of portals — can all cause potential entrepreneurs looking into business ownership to become overwhelmed with information,” Pang said. “TES sets itself apart from other referral networks and sources by presenting possibilities and creating a safe space for clients who want to be self-sufficient.”

As a  part of the SourceLink team, Pang collaborates with 160 franchisor members to help them achieve the results they are looking for, which includes working with TES coaches to find their next top-performing franchisees. The SourceLink team sees the relationship between franchisors, TES coaches and TES clients as a three-legged stool and works to identify the needs of franchisor members and provide a solution. Working closely with franchisor members from a wide variety of industries provides Pang with the fuel she needs to achieve success.

“We love to work with franchise members who are willing to collaborate with our coaches and their clients to provide a discovery experience, which is different from other broker networks where a sales approach is taken with all clients and candidates,” Pang said. “TES asks our franchisor members to meet clients where they are at and keep their mind open to the possibilities.”

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