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Is a Myth Keeping You from Becoming a Legend? Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell Explains

Is a Myth Keeping You from Becoming a Legend? Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell Explains

A business is simply a vehicle that gets you to your goals. Some people think you have to have an emotional connection to a business to be successful. The reality is successful people are in “the business of business.” They don’t have a love affair with the product or service.

“Growing up, it seems most people are taught to ‘do what they love’ or to find an occupation they are passionate about. This way of thinking is all well and good, but what happens when that passion doesn’t bring you anywhere near your goals?” said Powell.

The type of business you choose is less important than its ability to get you where you want to be. In essence, the vehicle is not nearly as important as the destination. The Entrepreneur’s Source has the tools and experience to guide you.

Dispelling the Myths of Franchising

When you own a business, your concentration is on running that business, not working in it. Studies show that when people are truly passionate about the service or product their business produces, their business judgment can get clouded and they tend to get stuck doing the technical work, giving them less chance of ongoing success.

There are 5 common franchising myths that have kept many aspiring entrepreneurs from achieving success through franchising. So, don’t rule anything out! Keep an open mind when exploring your options—you may be surprised at the possibilities that present themselves.

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