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National Evaluate Your Life Day

Evaluating Options Provides Path to Financial Freedom

The Entrepreneur’s Source® is celebrating National Evaluate Your Life Day by encouraging people who feel stuck in their current career to discover a path to self-sufficiency with a Career Ownership Coach™.

Many Americans are feeling overwhelmed and beaten down by the outbreak of COVID-19. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, since the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 31 million Americans have lost their jobs or were furloughed. 

One out of every four American adults has had trouble paying their bills, and 25 percent of Americans say at least one person in their house has lost their job since the pandemic hit, a study conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed. Others are struggling to succeed at teleworking while helping their children learn remotely.

Americans are coping with stress by picking up bad habits and giving into fear. The pandemic has resulted in heightened workplace dissatisfaction and decreased job security. Even before the pandemic, Battered Career Syndrome left many hard-working Americans feeling beaten down and bruised.

National Evaluate Your Life Day, which is celebrated annually on October 19, is the perfect opportunity to take a close look at your ILWE™ (Income Lifestyle Wealth and Equity) goals and Take Ownership of YOUR CAREER 2.0.  The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), encourages people to alleviate the stress of this unprecedented time by evaluating their career with the help of more than 100 Career Ownership Coaches™.

Evaluating your career will help you find a path forward. A TES Career Ownership Coach provides strategic, personalized coaching for people looking to transition out of their current careers and find their path to self-sufficiency. They can help you reach a point of clarity about your future at no cost to you.

“I was traveling across the country working in corporate sales, and one day I realized that I didn’t want to travel anymore. That’s when I began to think about owning my own business. I began working with my Career Ownership Coach who helped me begin my Journey of Discovery,” said Lee Putnam, a new business owner.

Here’s how a Career Ownership Coach™ will help you find Your Career 2.0®.

  1. Provide Education and Awareness. If you are someone who is already contemplating entrepreneurship, or if you were laid off and trying to determine your options, a Career Ownership Coach™ can help. Coaches will meet you where you are in your transition and take time to understand your personality type and values. They can help you decide whether entrepreneurship is an option or if you want to stay on the job market.
  2. Uncover Your Goals. Once your coach learns more about you, the next step is discovering your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals. Once your coach understands your goals, they will hold you accountable to your dreams. They’ll use your goals as a guide to help you evaluate your life and discover your options.
  3. Discover the Possibilities. Your needs, goals, personality type, and skill set can all influence the path you take to reach financial freedom and fulfillment. Our coaches are trained to help you identify the best fit for you. TES also added a virtual discovery center in which clients can advance their education and awareness when learning about the career possibilities available to them. Clients are able to navigate their career path and learn answers unique to their personal journey and can access this user-friendly platform at their own convenience.

This day of evaluation was started by Thomas and Ruth Roy as part of an effort to encourage people to check-in and make sure their lives are headed in the right direction, according to various reports. National Evaluate Your Life Day is just one of more than 70 holidays created and copyrighted by the pair.

Take time to evaluate your career path and learn more about how TES can help you achieve self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship by visiting The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Or, find out more by reading our latest book, “Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.”

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