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Automotive Engineer Pursues New Future 

Jumped into the drivers seat and took ownership of his Career 2.0 – Manoj Srivastava partnered with an innovative franchise focused on offering technology-based solutions to help businesses grow. Srivastava spent his career in Detroit, Michigan, working in the automotive industry. Most recently, as a Chief Engineer, Srivastava managed a team of people tasked with developing seats for automobiles. He enjoyed his role as Chief Engineer, but after more than 30 years in the corporate world, and 20-plus years with the same company, he wanted to find a satisfying career doing something different. “There was nothing wrong with my job, but after doing the same thing for so long, I started itching for something different,” Srivastava said.

Srivastava made the decision to accept an early retirement package and began searching for new, more fulfilling opportunities. Initially, he considered offering his services as an independent consultant, but he quickly realized starting a business from scratch was not for the faint of heart. “I didn’t have the resources and support when I decided to become a consultant on my own. I soon realized it would be difficult to operate a business as a one-man show. It would not be as easy.”

Coaching Helps Achieve #Career Ownership

Around this time, he met Beth Gunier, a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career coaching franchise. Srivastava decided to open himself up to the possibilities of a different future and work with Gunier to help discover a new path. Gunier helped Srivastava realize self-sufficiency and financial freedom at no cost. Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source® make it a priority not to push clients into something they may not be ready to tackle. Instead, they help people open up to the possibility of an alternative future.

Through a series of evaluations and conversations, Gunier helped Srivastava understand his Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals. She also helped him discover his talents and limitations and made sure to hold him accountable to his goals and vision for the future. “The best part was Beth [Gunier] wasn’t trying to push something on me. She was helping me explore,” he said.

Gunier started her own career as a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source® in 2019. While she spent time as a real estate agent and working in the hotel industry, her role with Costco Worldwide as a manager helped her discover her true passion. “I had a passion for helping people find their next career or promotion,” Gunier said. “The Entrepreneur’s Source® gave me the tools I need to help people reach clarity about their future.”

New Franchisee Discovers #AmericanDream

After exploring several options in the consulting field with Gunier, Srivastava opted to partner with a new, emerging franchise in the United States. Valenta BPO is a business consulting franchise specializing in process optimization, digital transformation and outsourcing. The Brisbane, Australia-based company allows its franchise partners to focus on industries where they have experience, to capitalize on their network. “Valenta offers customized technology solutions to help make businesses more efficient and grow,” Srivastava said. “Valenta allows me to help clients in the automotive industry.”

Valenta is ramping up expansion in the United States, and Srivastava is the first franchise partner in Michigan. He signed his franchise agreement in May and is undergoing training prior to launching his business later this summer. “He found a business model that supports him. Srivastava knew he wanted to be a consultant, and he found a partner that had done all the legwork. Once he’s in front of clients, he knows his stuff,” Gunier said. “Srivastava is serene and peaceful. He’s a great man. He was determined and focused during his journey.”

Discover Your Career 2.0 with #EntrepreneursSource

If you are ready to explore your financial freedom and taking control of your destiny, visit The Entrepreneur’s Source® to learn more about taking ownership of your career. Work with a global network of hundreds of Career Ownership Coaches™ to discover your career vision and check out our guide book, “Your Career 2.0®: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.


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