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Realizing Self-Sufficiency, aka “The American Dream”

TES Coach Helps to Fulfill the American Dream. Darren Leavitt, a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, is helping to fulfill the American Dream and overcome career adversity.

There is no question that 2020 is the year of change, but change is not always a negative, as many are discovering inspiration, self-sufficiency and financial security. As the number of people suffering from Battered Career Syndrome® continues to grow, Leavitt is hard at work helping his clients achieve career satisfaction at no cost. The Entrepreneur’s Source® helps people find a path forward and execute a career change after carefully defining their goals, needs and expectations. Entrepreneurship allows people to take charge of their careers and control their own destiny, enabling them to conquer the economic challenges they suffered during the pandemic. Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source® hold clients accountable for their goals to help them achieve their vision.

Leavitt took charge of his own career in 2019 when he launched his career ownership coaching franchise with The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Leavitt started his career as a coach after spending many years climbing the corporate ladder in the senior care industry. As his success with his corporate employer grew, he became increasingly dissatisfied with management roles that took him away from working directly with seniors and their families and away from his home in Michigan.

“I got tired of living out of airports, and I got tired of my youngest son asking what days I’d be home this week,” Leavitt said. “As a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, my clients don’t have to have their guard up when they talk to me. My only goal is to have them reach clarity, and we celebrate when they achieve this goal, whether it’s becoming an entrepreneur or taking a new corporate job.”

Leavitt credits his ability to listen and engage clients for the success of his coaching business. He allows his clients to explore and speak, which helps them reach clarity. “My job is to hear what comes out of their hearts and to help give them the courage to achieve their goals, even if they start to doubt themselves,” Leavitt said.

During his tenure helping people achieve career satisfaction, Leavitt has worked with many individuals, including Sabrena Rodriguez, a savvy businesswoman and dedicated mother from Florida who lost her job because of pandemic cutbacks. Rodriguez was laid off from her role as a regional director of The Learning Experience, a daycare franchise.

“Working with Darren enabled me to create my own destiny. I was able to learn what I really wanted. Prior to starting the coaching process, I was afraid to become an entrepreneur because I didn’t think it could be done,” Rodriguez said.

As part of her coaching journey, Rodriguez discovered her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals. Being home with her family during the pandemic made her realize she wanted a career that would allow her to be there for dinner each night.

“I was not looking for career coaching service. I was looking for a job. Talking about my goals resulted in a self-realization. I didn’t know I had the right to write out the terms of my career,” she added.

Once Rodriguez realized entrepreneurship was the right choice, she hit the ground running and was able to start her career with Assisted Living Locators mere months after losing her corporate job. Assisted Living Locators is a senior placement franchise and allows Rodriguez to tackle a recession-proof industry with growth opportunities. As baby boomers age, the 65-and-older demographic grew by one third, according to a report from the U.S. Census.

“Sabrena loves analyzing things, but when she sees a direction, she moves. That was true with her funding, her validation and talking to other business owners. Once she sees a door open, then she’ll walk through it right away,” Leavitt said.

If you are ready to discover your own American Dream, visit www.theentrepreneursource.com. Work with more than 100 Career Ownership Coaches™ to discover your career goals or check out our new guide, “Your Career 2.0®: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.

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