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The Elusive Work-Life Balance

New Entrepreneur Achieves Work-Life Balance, Profits

To balance career aspirations and family commitments, Sarah Johns took charge of her future and relied on career ownership coaching to pursue entrepreneurship.

Johns spent nearly 15 years working as an industry and purchasing manager for an electronics company. Following the pandemic outbreak, Johns bore the burden of helping her young children attend school remotely while teleworking. Although Johns had always dreamed of business ownership, the lack of flexibility and support at her corporate role during this difficult season spurred her to make her dream of self-sufficiency a reality.

Franchising is Key to Self-Sufficiency

With the support of her husband, Matt, Johns began to research business ownership opportunities. The pair had many ideas for new businesses to start from scratch, but the financial risks seemed insurmountable. The franchise business model offered an ideal solution for their family. Franchising gave them a game plan for success with a proven business model and provided assurance they would meet their financial expectations.

“We liked the notion of the starter kit franchising offers,” said Johns. “Operating a brand that is already established is a good way to get into business ownership.”

During a meeting to discuss the best path forward, their financial analyst recommended they engage Judy Stoleson, a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, to help guide them on their journey. TES coaches provide education-based, personalized coaching designed to help people discover self-sufficiency and financial freedom. Coaches guide people toward a point of clarity and a place of self-assuredness to help them feel more confident about their future.

Stoleson has been a coach with TES, the nation’s leading coaching franchise, for more than 21 years. Stoleson left her corporate role to help small business owners flourish. “I really believe in the free enterprise system. The self-employed are the backbone of every community. I thought it would be great fun to work with people exploring business ownership,” Stoleson added.

Coach Makes Your Goals a Priority

Stoleson started her coaching journey with Johns by helping her discover her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals. Johns wanted a business that would allow her to quickly replace her income and provide an opportunity for growth. It was also a priority to find a business that allowed her to work from anywhere on her own terms and schedule.

“I wanted a business that would give me the flexibility to be an involved mother,” said Johns. “I wanted to continue my professional career but not have to get permission to chaperone a school field trip.”

As a coach, Stoleson strives to make sure her clients achieve their goals. She does not allow them to compromise on the vision they have of their ideal future. “My job is to keep them moving through the discovery experience until they identify options that are a good fit for their goals,” she added.

After exploring several options with low overhead and good flexibility, Johns decided to partner with Patrice & Associates, one of the largest hospitality recruitment firms in North America. Johns was attracted to the prospect of being able to hit the ground running with her new business. Patrice & Associates has preferred contracts with some of the nation’s top hospitality brands, including Applebee’s, Panera Bread and Great Wolf Lodge. The business was a great fit because it is scalable and virtual, which allowed her to have the flexibility to set her own hours. Johns is able to use the time management and organizational skills she honed during her tenure in the corporate world to help her business succeed.

Contact TES to Discover the American Dream

If your corporate career has you feeling battered and bruised, take time to discover a new option for your future. Visit www.entrepreneursource.com to work with a Career Ownership Coach™ and check out our guide book, “Your Career 2.0®A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.”

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