The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell: Take Control of Your Investments

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell: Take Control of Investments

As addressed in Terry’s  Top 5 Tips for Smart Investing blog post, those who make reactive investments into their financial futures risk the uncertainty of whether they will able to pay their bills when they retire and whether they will be afforded the type of lifestyle they desire.

The bottom line is, investing in the market while there is upside potential basically means investing in the vagaries of the market as well.

“No one has any idea what is going to happen, and essentially, investors put their money in other people’s hands,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell, “They believe others may be smarter than they are or potentially have a better handle on what is going to happen. The reality is that no one knows.”

The question investors have to ask themselves is:

  • Who is better at making decisions about how to handle their money?
  • Who do they trust more?

Many individuals trust themselves more.

The savvy investors today are taking control of their own destinies and turning reactive investments into proactive ones that they control.

Taking money out of reactive investments and putting it into something over which they have control, such as a franchise business opportunity, lends to the potential for an even greater return on their own business investment.  Instead of putting their money in somebody else’s hands and relying on that person’s wisdom or the vagaries of the economy or the market, people are able to take control of their own destinies.


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