The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: Is Industry Expertise Necessary?

Many people have concerns before they enter into the franchising industry, but several of these concerns can turn out to be fallacies once further explored. Common misconceptions can oftentimes rob potential franchisees of a rewarding career in the franchising industry. The Entrepreneur’s Source reviewed “The Top 5 Myths of Franchising,” but today The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews in greater detail the myth that a franchisee must have previous expertise in his or her potential field of business.

The Past Experience Myth
When exploring a potential franchise business opportunity, many entrepreneurs want to enter into a franchise that they have past experience or expertise in because they believe it will be the easiest and fastest route to success. But, believe it or not, businesses that are based upon a business owner’s past experience and expertise have the highest incidence of failure.

Although past experience and expertise may be beneficial in some aspects, it can also lead to business owners over thinking and making decisions from a smaller lens. This oftentimes causes the franchisee to neglect to see the big picture, which can lead to miscommunication or mismanagement.

Apply Transferable Skills

Franchising allows individuals to take skills that they have previously learned in former positions and apply these to a new field. Contrary to relying on past expertise or experience, utilizing transferable skills allows prospective entrepreneurs to create a more well-rounded management style. This also enables entrepreneurs to work on their business rather than work in it.

Ideal transferable skills may include flexibility, sales experience, effective communication, customer service and organization. If a franchisee possesses these transferable skills, expertise in a given industry isn’t a necessity.

Explore All Potential Industries
Oftentimes, individuals limit their franchise search by only looking for businesses that are in some way familiar to them. This can place an entrepreneur at a major disadvantage because this eliminates a plethora of potential businesses opportunities untouched.

Future franchisees instead should disregard this preconceived notion that they should eliminate the unfamiliar. Instead, entrepreneurs should first explore and research all industries out there to see what peaks their interest. Once exploring the franchise industry though a larger lens, then he or she can begin to eliminate franchises of disinterest.

Utilize the Right Resources
With resources like the Internet and finding the right business coach, it really can be simple to learn the ins and outs of a new business or industry. In fact, 95 percent of the people who work with The Entrepreneur’s Source’s coaches end up discovering a business opportunity that they would have never considered previously. A coach can help a future franchisee identify his or her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ (ILWE) needs through the Discovery Process to avoid choosing the wrong business.

For more information about finding the right industry or franchise opportunity, contact a business coach to help find the perfect franchise opportunity.

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