The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: The Porta Potty Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: The Porta Potty Story

As we’ve already discussed, there are many myths associated with franchising, and these oftentimes can be the difference between an aspiring entrepreneur capitalizing on a franchising opportunity and achieving You 2.0 or remaining at a standard 9-5 job and continuing to suffer from Battered Career Syndrome.

What Does a Top Franchising Myth Have to Do With a Porta Potty?
One of the most common myths that alternative career coaches find at The Entrepreneur’s Source is that many candidates believe they must know a lot about an industry or love the product or service to capitalize on a specific opportunity.

“People typically believe that they need to be in love with the product or service in order to be able to capitalize on it,” founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell said. “Through the journey of discovery, they realize that perhaps that was a myth.”

Take the Porta Potty story as a key example of this:

As Tamara Loring, Brand Manager for The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise discussed, falling in love with a product, service or brand isn’t what makes a successful franchisee. Rather, what should be examined first is whether or not the business model is viable and sensible. When an aspiring entrepreneur finds a business that can give them the return on investment that they are looking for to achieve their desired lifestyle, then it can be evaluated as a worthy franchise opportunity.

How a Coach Can Help You Dispel Franchising Myths

For more information about common myths associated with franchising, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today. E-Source coaches are trained in the art of matching aspiring entrepreneurs with their franchise match and can easily recognize a franchising fact from a falsity. Get started on your journey to self-sufficiency today by contacting a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source https://entrepreneurssource.com/about_us.html.

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