The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews the Top 6 Entrepreneur Traits

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews the Top 6 Entrepreneur Traits

Am I an Entrepreneur? Franchise Friday Guest Evaluates Entrepreneur Characteristics

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Am I an entrepreneur?”

Entrepreneur coach and coauthor of the book Making the Jump Into Small Business Ownership, Jeff Levy helps individuals clarify their goals and values so they can properly evaluate self-employment career options. As the first guest on The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Friday show, Levy shared his vast insight into small business ownership in today’s world and provided aspiring entrepreneurs wisdom into what it takes to become an entrepreneur through the franchise industry.

The Top 6 Entrepreneur Traits from Entrepreneur’s Source Coach & Author Jeff Levy

  1. You are self-motivated. Do you look at the world from a scarcity perspective or an abundance perspective? If you look at the world as being against you every day, it’s always somebody else’s fault and people are holding you back, don’t become an entrepreneur because that’s not the right mindset.
  2. You possess a willingness to grow. You are willing and able to put the business before yourself and go through the growing pains. You grow by change. You don’t grow by repeating what you’ve done before.
  3. You operate with intent. This goes back to the old idea that time is money. We all have limited capital, and if you can’t figure out those key steps that you need to do to get from startup to crawling to jogging to running as a business, you’re going to run out of money. You need to be intentional, which sometimes means doing things that you don’t like to do because you have to do them.
  4. You can identify your weaknesses. Can you admit to things that you don’t know? As human beings, we have a lot of flaws. Every time I’ve started a business, it’s been a great learning experience.  For example, I am math phobic. Most people would be surprised at that. I could look at my spreadsheets and balance sheets and I swear to you the numbers move around the page themselves. But, in recognizing my weakness, I have used discipline to meet my business requirements and when I need outside help, I get it.
  5. You know the relationship between risk and reward. Risk might be getting a bank loan. It might be taking some retirement funds. It may be taking the home equity loan. It may be swimming upstream against people that are telling you “Don’t be in your own business.” You have to accept the fact that if you want that reward of a better quality life, you’re going to have to take some thoughtful and calculated risks.
  6. You are able to set aside old habits. If you’re going to invest in a franchise as a viable way of being in your own business, you must believe in whatever system you invest in. That’s a very key point. Remember, you grow by change. You don’t grow by repeating what you’ve done before.

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