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Journey to Career Ownership

Career Ownership Coach Builds Relationships to Help Clients Explore Career Ownership

Jim Doliber, a Career Ownership Coaching™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, relies on his franchise training and relationship-building to help clients explore possibilities of career ownership.

Doliber started his career with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading Career Ownership Coaching™ franchise, in 2019, after spending more than 25 years working corporate jobs in franchise management, operations, sales, development, training, real estate and product.  During his corporate career, Doliber had the opportunity to work with hundreds of small business owners and franchisees. He often encountered business owners who were misaligned in their career choice and the impact of the decision on their business and personal life. As Doliber pivoted away from his corporate career, he knew that he wanted to help individuals discover their point-of-clarity, so that inspired him to follow his own possibilities as A Career Ownership Coach™.

“During my corporate career, I worked with franchisees who had truly gotten into a business they didn’t understand because they didn’t take time to take a full accounting of what drives them and what they’re best at,” Doliber said. “The Entrepreneur’s Source® helps people discover their goals and possibilities. Being A Career Ownership Coach™ allows me to help entrepreneurs find a better alignment in both their professional and personal lives.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® provides personalized career ownership coaching for people looking to transition out of their current careers and find their path to self-sufficiency. The Entrepreneur’s Source® has three and a half decades of experience in helping people identify their goals, needs, and expectations to reach a point of clarity about their career.

Recently, Doliber had the opportunity to help Bryce Blackburn on his journey to entrepreneurship. Blackburn spent 25 years working at Walmart in Clinton, Utah. He started his career at Walmart in maintenance and quickly moved up the ranks, spending the last 13 years as manager of one of the retail giant’s largest locations in the western United States. With four sons ranging in age from 23 to 14 years old, life in the retail segment was taking a toll, and Blackburn wanted to spend more quality time with his family. “Blackburn missed 25 consecutive holiday seasons with his family. When I met him, it was clear he wanted more control of his life, as well as the ability to engage in the things that matter most — family,” Doliber said.

Blackburn began his Career 2.0 journey with Doliber after receiving a message from the career ownership coach on LinkedIn. During their first conversation, Doliber built a rapport with Blackburn by telling him about his experiences working in the corporate world and introducing him to the coaching experience at The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Building a relationship with clients is one of Doliber’s favorite parts of Career Ownership Coaching™. “I so enjoy the first call I have with a new client. I love getting the opportunity to tell them my story and discovering if I can help them find their Career 2.0,” Doliber said.

After leaving his job, Blackburn was at a crossroads in his career and unsure of his next steps. Working with Doliber helped him discover his Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals and reach a point of clarity about his future. “Jim [Doliber] wasn’t pushy, which was appealing to me. He didn’t try to force me to make a bad decision. He was patient, sincere and upfront, which I appreciated,” Blackburn said.

Once Blackburn discovered career ownership would help him achieve his career goals, the pair began researching different opportunities. Based on his goals, Doliber presented Blackburn with three entrepreneurial options. As part of the coaching process, Doliber encouraged Blackburn to thoroughly research each option and spend time talking to current franchisees. “He encouraged me not to make an early decision and not to be in a rush. I knew he was leading me down a path I wouldn’t regret,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn hit the ground running with an established brand in the senior care business. Oasis Senior Advisors strives to simplify the process of selecting a senior housing community by offering free, community-based referral placement assistance. During his coaching journey, Blackburn realized helping people in his community would help achieve his vision. His new senior-care business gives him the opportunity to play a vital role as families determine the needs of their aging loved ones. Blackburn’s successful career ownership experience has prompted him to recommend The Entrepreneur’s Source® as an option for family and friends who are unhappy at their corporate jobs. “This experience has positively changed my life. I will forever be indebted to him and will forever refer and recommend Jim to anyone considering career ownership,” Blackburn added.

If you are considering entrepreneurship and need some assistance, contact A Career Ownership Coach™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source® today, or check out our new guide, “Your Career 2.0®: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.

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