The Porta Potty Story: The Entrepreneur’s Source and Terry Powell Tips for Loving What You Do

The Porta Potty Story: The Entrepreneur’s Source and Terry Powell Tips for Loving What You Do 

There is a common belief that you need to know and love a product or service to capitalize on it. This is a myth, or what we at The Entrepreneur’s Source call a limiting belief.

Most of us are raised believing that myth, but you do not need to love a product in order to capitalize on it. If it is a viable business model, perhaps it may make sense. The idea that a person needs to love a product to be able to capitalize on it is a limiting belief that inhibits investors from exploring all their options.

The Porta Potty story is a great example.

“Nobody grows up thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, one day I want to be in the Porta Potty business,’ however, our business coaching clients see that it is perhaps a feasible business model to consider,” said Tamara Loring, Brand Manager for The Entrepreneur’s Source. “If a Porta Potty business gives them the return on investment they desire and therefore generates the income, lifestyle, wealth and equity they want, it could be a great business decision. It is indeed a myth that people need to love and enjoy products in order to be able to capitalize on them.”

Not all business models are ideal for every individual. The Entrepreneur’s Source Business Coaches pride themselves on the ability to match franchisors with individuals who work best with the established franchise business model.

Empowerment enables people to suddenly experience the freedom and liberty of being able to work on their own dreams. Along that way, they will actually be surprised because some of the myths or beliefs that they hold near and dear to their hearts will be dispelled,” said Terry Powell, Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “For instance, people typically believe that they need to be in love with the product or service in order to be able to capitalize on it. Through the journey of discovery, they realize that perhaps that was a myth.”

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