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The Entrepreneur’s Source Releases Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Releases Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome

The Entrepreneur’s Source offers in-depth advice to individuals striving to become self-sufficient with the release of our new book, Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome. The book is a thoughtful examination of how you can make your dreams of self-sufficiency a reality. Authored by Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell and E-Source alternative career coaches, the book is a must-read for any individual who has ever considered taking the path less traveled and embarking on the journey to small business ownership.

“We decided to take everything that our coaches do on a daily basis and put it into a form that can benefit the masses. We’re inspired every day by our clients that transition from employment or underemployment or even unemployment to a place of empowerment and commend them for their passion, bravery and dedication,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell. “This book is for them, in their continued journey, and for all of those who are part of the 75 percent of Americans seeking self-sufficiency and have considered taking that step towards a more fulfilling career to meet their desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (I.L.W.E.™) Goals.”

What Will I Get Out of the Book?
Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome serves as an eight chapter advisor, providing the guidelines and encouragement to those seeking greater fulfillment in their careers and consequently, their lives. Each chapter of the book acts as a guide for individuals who are questioning their career happiness and looking to examine their Possibilities, Options and Dreams (POD). Some noteworthy and inspiring sections of the book include:

  • The Career Revolution: This chapter opens up the world of entrepreneurship to the reader and discusses breaking the stride and moving on from the often stifling corporate environment. This section discusses the phenomenon of Battered Career and Investor Syndrome while encouraging the reader to take a thoughtful look at their Possibilities, Options and Dreams.
  • How to Write Your Own Success Story: This section introduces what it means to pursue and achieve your I.L.W.E.™Goals, navigating the reader toward the final destination that is determined by an introspective counsel.
  • What May Be Holding You Back: This part helps you tackle the obstacles that often deter or discourage people from following through and achieving their career dreams. Often hindered by financial concerns or poor timing, this chapter breaks down the all-encompassing hurdle that every entrepreneur faces: Fear.
  • The Coaching Experience: This chapter discusses the consulting with an alternative career coach or other professional partnerships. Building a network of reliable professionals is the greatest key to success, and partnering with a business coach can help individuals not only find the best opportunities, but also ensure best practices are executed and continued.
  • Real-Life Case Studies: The case studies highlight various entrepreneurs from all different walks of life with different Goals, Needs and Expectations, but the same dream of becoming self-sufficient. Each of the five studies provides unique and thoughtful perspectives and narratives of these individuals’ unique journeys to self-sufficiency.
  • Resources and Worksheets: The final chapter rounds out the guide with resources and worksheets that include questions you should be asking yourself when considering entrepreneurship as your next career path, focused goals and personal ambitions to consider benchmarks, and attainable objectives.

Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome can be purchased online through (ISBN-13: 978-1501025846). The paperback version published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform can be purchased for $5.95, and the Kindle Edition can be purchased for $4.95.

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