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The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Discusses: Is Fear Holding you Back from your Entrepreneurial Dreams?

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Discusses: Is Fear Holding you Back from your Entrepreneurial Dreams?

Studies show that a staggering 75 percent of adults in the U.S. have a great yearning to become self-sufficient, however only 5 percent of these individuals are ready, willing and able to turn this desire into action. For the other 70 percent of these people, one or many things may be holding them back. Is it their pride? Is it their friends or family? Or is it something that affects the wide majority of prospective entrepreneurs: The fear of failure?

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell’s Recommendation to Overcome Fear
Prospective entrepreneurs shouldn’t be ashamed of fearing failure, but rather utilize it as motivation to prove others, and most importantly yourself, wrong. First, these individuals are recommended to create an outline pinpointing exactly what their fears are. Once all of an individual’s entrepreneurial fears are out in the open, they will better be able to address or manage them.

The Entrepreneur’s Source’s Terry Powell recommends for these potential entrepreneurs to start at their core and ask themselves why they want to become self-sufficient in the first place.

“When considering any major life change, especially a career move or pursuing entrepreneurship, it’s crucial to start at the beginning and ask yourself ‘why,’” said founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell. “Doing so will allow you to better understand what possibilities are available and how to effectively refine your options in order to identify the best opportunity that will become your vehicle for success.”

This is oftentimes an overlooked step in the process, but is one of the most important factors to help prospective entrepreneurs overcome their fears.

How an Alternative Career Coach Can Help People Overcome Their Entrepreneurial Fears
It’s advised for those who are second-guessing themselves to consult with a coach before diving head in. Alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source guide their clients through a proven process to help them identify their fears and turn their self-sufficiency dreams into reality. During coaching sessions, prospective entrepreneurs can show their coach their unique list of fears associated with business ownership, ultimately tackling them head on and discover what often is behind FEAR, namely false evidence appearing real. . Alternative career coaches help prospective entrepreneurs deal with their fears through:

Through consulting with an alternative career coach through the entirety of the process, investing in a franchise or new business opportunity can seem a lot less scary. In addition, 95% of clients of The Entrepreneur’s Source discover options they admittedly never would have looked at on their own or would have prematurely dismissed. Very often,  coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source help prospective entrepreneurs overcome the fears that they associate with entrepreneurship and ultimately thrive after investing in a franchise opportunity.

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