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  1. Terry Powell of The Entrepreneur’s Source | Franchising Offers Viable Career Opportunity for Today’s Military Veterans

    As military veterans transition to civilian life, they face a tight employment market with a saturation of willing candidates. To help military veterans take control of their professional career and future, franchise business coaches with The Entrepreneur’s Source, the nation’s leading career and franchise business coaching network, share why franchising is a viable option for…

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  2. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Parents and College Grads Team-Up to Pursue Franchise Ownership

    Parents and College Grads Team-Up to Pursue Franchise Ownership In an unfavorable jobs landscape plagued with part-time and temporary positions, unpromising opportunities and high competition for the few openings available, more job-seeking parents and children are becoming business partners to take control of their professional futures through franchising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,…

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  3. The Entrepreneur’s Source | Interested in Entrepreneurship? The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself is: Why?

    Studies show that 75 percent of the adult population has a strong to very strong desire to be self-sufficient, yet only five percent are ready, willing and able to act on that desire on their own. Business coaches with The Entrepreneur’s Source say that, with proper coaching and guidance, the other 70 percent can also…

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  4. The Entrepreneur’s Source Business Coach | How to Tap into Franchising as a Chicago Entrepreneur

    By: Marcelo Alvarez, Chicago business and career coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source Chicago’s unemployment rate has remained consistent over the past few months; however, companies aren’t creating the types of jobs people need. We’re seeing more and more businesses offering lower wage jobs and part-time positions, which is causing real income levels to decline. We’re…

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