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The Entrepreneur’s Source Highlights Success Story: Scott Griffiths of 18|8 Hair Salons

Scott Griffiths, 18|8 Hair Salons Co-Founder, was recently highlighted in the “Entrepreneurs” section of Forbes.  Like any entrepreneur, Scott has had his setbacks. However, he has learned from his mistakes and failures and these have only pushed him harder and caused him to continue his education in entrepreneurship.

After spending 10 years developing the 18|8 business concept and refining his franchise model, in 2013 he made a goal to sell 30 franchises. He exceeded even his own expectations by selling double his goal.

The Entrepreneur’s Source and Franchise Investors Group (FIG), a division of ZorSource, has worked with 18|8 for the past year and has experienced exceptional success. To date, The Entrepreneur’s Source has brought 18|8 many multi-unit developer franchisees. During the last 12 months the total commitment by single and multi-unit new franchisees has resulted in more than 200 units.

Read about Scott Griffith and 18|8 Hair Salons here

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