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The Entrepreneur’s Source Success Story: Clint Covey Moves from Employment to Empowerment with Fibrenew Franchise

Gray hair and an AARP card are no longer signs of an individual close to the road of retirement. It’s becoming more and more common for individuals reaching their senior years, specifically the Baby Boomer generation, to continue their careers past the age of retirement. For Clint Covey, continuing along with his corporate career wasn’t the right option, but what was his second act going to look like? Covey had no idea.

Covey embarked on his journey from Employment to Empowerment when he quit his job as a corporate accountant in 2006 at the age of 53 thinking that he would have an easy time finding a new job. Covey found a job in consulting and simultaneously started school at Concordia University, getting his bachelor’s degrees in leadership and organizational management in an accelerated program in hopes of going the business route.

How The Entrepreneur’s Source Helped Covey
Covey was open to coaching and enlisted the help of an alternate career coach to help him explore his options. Covey worked with coach, Mike Accurso, at The Entrepreneur’s Source, to identify his Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E) goals. He also while explored and learned about various business models, figuring out how they could potentially mesh with his goals, needs and expectations. He even learned about ways to fund a business.

After working with Accurso, Covey had developed a real appreciation for the synergies and systems a franchise can provide and honed in on Fibrenew, a franchise that specializes in mobile upholstery repairs and cleaning. This is nothing like Covey would have expected to become a part of, but by working with Accurso, Covey learned that this model was a mobile franchise that allowed him to make a smaller upfront investment, which helped him move forward while also meeting his I.L.W.E.™goals. In order to invest in his franchise, Covey decided to finance part of his franchise using a portion of his 401K, a growing trend among the Baby Boomer business owner population. Since opening his franchise in September of 2013, business has been good for Covey and he is planning on beginning partnerships with car dealerships to help clean used cars in the near future.

For more information on how you can move from Employment to Empowerment, contact a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.


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