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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 3 Reasons Employees Are Leaving Corporate America for Ownership

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 3 Reasons Employees Are Leaving Corporate America for Ownership

Today, we’re seeing a growing segment of Americans – from Baby Boomers to Millennials – realizing they are no longer fulfilled in their corporate jobs.  The current stagnant job market is making career success hard to attain for many professionals in corporate America. Many are forced to work 40+ hours each week for lower pay and with fewer resources. These individuals are commonly faced with the threat of company downsizings and unexpected layoffs and yet agree to take upon an extra workload without extra pay or recognition. This work schedule has left millions of people in corporate America simply exhausted.

More and more of these unsatisfied individuals are choosing to proactively leave their corporate sector jobs to take the leap from Employment to Empowerment and invest in a business opportunity as an alternative career path. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews some of the factors that are causing many individuals to leave corporate America for franchise business ownership.

3 Reasons Employees Are Leaving Corporate America for Ownership

  1. An Enhanced Lifestyle. You may think that the number one reason why individuals choose to leave corporate America for ownership is the money. Think again. Susan Mell, franchise owner and Career Ownership Coach™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source, has found that the biggest reason why these people choose to move from Employment to Empowerment is to gain access to an improved lifestyle. Imagine actually being able to attend most of your child’s soccer games or having the ability to take a week off for a family vacation. The possibility of being your own boss and having the ability to create a more balanced life is often more inspiring to entrepreneurs than the actual income.
  2. Feeling Unappreciated. Many individuals working in corporate America find themselves with an ever-growing workload. These individuals are happy to take more projects on, but aren’t too happy that they’re rarely recognized, thanked or even acknowledged for the work that they do. Shouldn’t we all be respected for our time and work? Mell finds that clients talk about “the companies they’ve worked for and felt they really did a great job for and felt loyalty to, but they didn’t feel that loyalty back.” People should be appreciated for the good work that they do and should feel a mutual sense of loyalty for their employer. By taking the road to ownership, business owners will no longer feel under appreciated.
  3. The Corporate Financial Peak. Once an employee climbs the ranks within a company, but then is let go during a downsize or for another reason, they find themselves at a peculiar situation. As they climbed titles, their salaries climbed accordingly, and once they leave the company, most other employers aren’t willing to match or exceed their previous compensation. This is known as the corporate peak. Once you’ve reached it in corporate America, the only way to earn more money and live as you previously did is to become entrepreneurial. Starting a business can help create a sense of unlimited income potential that you have full control over.

How to Take the First Step

Taking the leap from Employment to Empowerment is a big step, and you don’t have to do it alone. Career Ownership Coaching™ at The Entrepreneur’s Source can help guide you through the process of becoming a business owner. For more information about how a Career Ownership Coach™ can help you move from corporate America to ownership, contact a coach today

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