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The Entrepreneur’s Source Says: It’s A REAL No Brainer

The Entrepreneur’s Source says it’s A REAL No Brainer: Say Goodbye to Battered Career Syndrome and Work for Yourself!

You may not believe it, but today, February 27th, is National No-Brainer Day.   So, naturally, let’s celebrate by thinking of the many things we do every day which require very little active thinking, if any at all.

Breathing, of course, comes to mind. Also, saying “thank you” when someone does something nice, like offering to buy my favorite ice cream (man – that sounds good with this unseasonably warm weather!) Easy choices to make, right? Real “no-brainers.” The list is endless, and I’m sure you can think of many more “no-brainer” activities.


Now, deciding to leave your current job to work for yourself and become self-sufficient  may not seem like a “no-brainer.”   And to be fair, finding the right franchise opportunity does require deep contemplation and significant due diligence.   However, once you weigh the pros and cons of sticking with a battered career or taking the leap into business ownership, you’ll find the right decision is a real “no-brainer!”

In our best-selling book, “Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome” we talk about the vast number of people who feel trapped in their jobs, but think they have no other options available to them. We call it the “Battered Career Syndrome.” They keep thinking longevity equals corporate loyalty, and hang on hoping things will get better. But most of the time it doesn’t. They keep living paycheck to paycheck, at the whim of ownership, working more hours and earning far less than they could as a business owner. With the average American worker’s salary remaining pretty stagnant through the course of their career, many become disengaged and unhappy. They realize their salary is set, with no real hope of increases.

Further, the salary may be set, but how long will the job last? Consider, per the most recent US Census statistics, the median number of years a salaried worker has been with his or her company is just 4.6 years. Is there any guarantee those workers will make it another 5 or 10 years with the same company? What hope is there they’ll make it to retirement? “Hoping” to hang onto the job until retirement is not a plan.

Also – what if the worker is forced to retire early due to things not even in his control? Average Americans have LESS than $100,000 saved for retirement and the estimated average Social Security monthly benefit for a retired worker is LESS than $1,400. Plus, medical advances mean many of us will live longer. Anyone else afraid of out-living their money?

So, is there a way out of “Battered Career Syndrome”?   If there was, does it feel like a “no-brainer” decision yet to follow that path?

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, we say “YES” to both!

The Entrepreneur’s Source is the nation’s leading resource for franchising information, education, and exploration. We believe there has never been a better time for people to work for themselves! Among these people are baby boomers looking for encore careers, corporate warriors ready for a new challenge, recently laid off workers seeking a second career, and parents wanting to create a family legacy! TES has helped thousands of these folks realize their dream of self-sufficiency.

Entrepreneurs have more tools available to them today, helping them work smarter, not harder, which can help maximize growth and viability of their business, increasing its long- term endurance.   Plus, with powerful tools at their disposal such as Start a Business Weekend, Franchise Match and the Virtual Coaching Experience, any entrepreneur who works with The Entrepreneur’s Source will be much more likely to invest in a franchise business that fits their skills and personality.

Just like many have personal fitness trainers for goal achievements, The Entrepreneur’s Source offers personal coaching for those who want to become self-sufficient. Each of our coaches uses proven strategies to help seekers find their capabilities and resources, while holding them accountable and empowering them to turn their dreams into their reality.

So, is it really riskier to start a business in today’s world where people have less job security, little upward mobility, and are working longer hours for less pay? If you could have greater control and influence over your work life, with the income, lifestyle, wealth building and equity you desire, would that be something you would want?   Of course!

Let’s work together to put an end to YOUR “Battered Career Syndrome”.  Now, that’s a REAL “no brainer!”

I personally invite you to begin your journey by visiting The Entrepreneur’s Source website – https://entrepreneurssource.com/about_us.html.

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