Don’t Switch Careers Until You Read This

Of all the people we’ve coached towards new careers, 95% end up in an opportunity they never knew existed or would have prematurely dismissed. Your needs, goals, personality type, and skill set can all influence the path you take to reach financial freedom and fulfillment. Our coaches are trained to help you identify the best fit for you. We stand by our personalized, educational approach. You might be surprised by the path you take.

Get acquainted with your options.

Some of the best advice we can give you would be to gather all the information available to you before you make a decision. That way, you can mitigate some of the risks of the decision because you’ll be more and better prepared to face the challenge. That why we consider awareness one of the most important steps in career transition and career transition coaching. Here’s what your options might look like. 

Stay on the job market.

If you’re not too close to retirement age, this option might make the most sense. Maybe Corporate America remains the right place for you, but you’d like to move into another position, another field. Career changes happen all the time, so you’re not alone. Working with a career transition coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you identify your strengths and get a better idea of what line of work could suit you best.

Remember, though: just because a new career option feels familiar or safe, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice. Keep in mind that the older you get, the less likely you’ll be to find a role that’s open to you. Not to mention many of the frustrations you had with the corporate structure previously will likely still be there regardless of the company you end up with.

Start your own business.

Starting a business is the American Dream. It’s what so many want but few achieve—transitioning out of the corporate slough and becoming your own boss, answering to you and you alone, and getting out of the business exactly what you put into it. And while it sounds like the ideal option for many, launching a business is not easy. It’s a high financial risk for a low chance at a potentially lucrative reward. A career transition coach is the perfect place to start if you’re thinking about entrepreneurship.

Keep in mind: while starting a business can be an exciting, adventurous opportunity with the potential to be quite financially rewarding, wagering your salaried career on such an uncertainty is a big risk. To give yourself the best shot at making this style of career transition work, you’ll have to put everything you’ve got into it. You’ll be working a long, hard hours, researching developing your idea, building a team from scratch, and it may be years before you turn a profit.

Own a franchise business.

Transitioning from your corporate career can be scary. You want more: more freedom, more money, more time with your family or to do the things you love. That’s why so many go through career transitions in the first place. At first touch, opening a franchise may not sound like an ideal way to achieve those goals, but it often has the most successful results.

Franchising spans countless industries and allows people to achieve their dreams of business ownership while relying on a proven system and ongoing support. Since you don’t need to come up with an idea on your own and test it on the market, you can trust that there’s already demand for the product or service provided by a renowned regional or national franchise.

But bear in mind, a franchise still requires intense entrepreneurial work and dedication. You have to follow the processes and procedures as provided by the franchisor and, while you’ll be in charge of decisions about scheduling, hiring, strategy and more, you’ll still have to answer to the authority of the corporation that owns the brand you franchise.

Are you ready for your career transition?

We help people like you, who might be nervous about a career change, become more confident through education, awareness and discovery. Our coaches guide you through self-assessment, research and learning to give you the best shot at getting into a career that could help you reach your goals and achieve the American Dream.