Entrepreneurship Is A Growing Career Change Opportunity

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Living the American dream is not a new concept. People have always been chasing the idea of taking control of their own destiny, finding a sense of fulfillment, and approaching financial security in the process. Making a career change in order to enter the world of entrepreneurship and/or business ownership is becoming more commonplace.

What does this mean? An eruption in startups and an increase in people taking on the title of boss has become the new definition of business as usual. Luckily, The Entrepreneur’s Source is here to help you determine the best course of action for joining this career change movement.

Exploring Every Entrepreneurial Option

In the midst of the entrepreneurial landscape expansion, franchise opportunities prove to be a viable option for making that career change you (and countless others) have been craving. In fact, franchise opportunities fall under the category of entrepreneurship. However, franchise ownership is not the only path that leads to the financially independent future you’ve envisioned for yourself. No matter your age, skill set or goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source believes it’s important to know and research all your career change options. In fact, of all the people we’ve coached toward career changes, 95 percent end up in an opportunity they never knew existed or would have prematurely dismissed.

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Maybe staying in corporate America is the right decision for you, but you want to transition to a different position or industry. Maybe you realize that starting your own business is a risk you’re willing to take in order to obtain potentially higher rewards. Maybe a franchise opportunity is what attracts your attention seeing as it involves an established brand, a proven system, and ongoing support. The Entrepreneur’s Source coaches utilize a personalized, educational approach to help you sort through all the maybes. We have refined the process of turning indecisiveness into a definitive career change to which you can comfortably and confidently commit.

A Career Change That Allows You To Overcome Obstacles

Making a pivot in your professional career is not an easy decision. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today but you need to ask yourself, where do you see yourself going in the future? Do you still want to be reporting to a supervisor who takes you for granted? Do you want to continue putting in extra hours without any additional compensation? Do you want to share your opinion only to continuously be ignored or overlooked? You deserve better! And you’re not alone.

Our career coaches have identified some of the obstacles that are likely to be facing you at your current job. From being worried about aging out of your position to not making your desired income to tiring of all the corporate bureaucracy, The Entrepreneur’s Source has a proven track record of helping you to cross that “get a fresh start” finish line. A career change is a smart and attainable way to overcome these barriers that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

As an entrepreneur, you are choosing to do more than own a business; you are choosing to take ownership over your future, freedom, and financial independence. For those who are hesitant to make a career change, there are plenty of franchise opportunities that offer less risk and more security — both perks that come with an established brand and business plan. Not surprisingly, many of the people we have worked with end up finding their career change match after exploring franchise opportunities.

Living The Entrepreneurial Dream Is Just A Franchise Away

During this rise in entrepreneurship, franchise opportunities have garnered the attention of those looking to make a career change. There are many benefits that come along with being a franchisee and the potential to obtain financial freedom, albeit very important, is just one of them. Franchise opportunities are the best of both worlds — you are able to be a business owner without having to figure out everything on your own.

Franchises have learned from their experience and implemented proven systems for you to follow. They offer initial and ongoing training to ensure you have all the support you need to thrive in your business, not to mention, established branding, marketing, and credibility. The hardest part is choosing which franchise opportunity you want to own. The Entrepreneur’s Source will give you access to our ever-growing, nationwide team of highly qualified coaches who are trained to help you come to a decision and to guide you through the career change process.

Replacing Sales Tactics With Authentic Support And Guidance

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Whether or not you decide franchise ownership is the route you want to take is completely up to you. The Entrepreneur’s Source will identify your goals, needs, and expectations in order to meet you wherever you are in the career change process. We are committed to helping you reach a place of clarity. We know that there are countless factors that go into the decision to make a career change. We just don’t want one of those factors to be fear. As our name implies, The Entrepreneur’s Source is a reliable resource that keeps the entrepreneur’s best interest at the forefront of all we do. We ask the right questions that will lead you to the right answers and ultimately allow you to achieve your professional goals and enjoy a sense of fulfillment. In terms of making a career change, there’s never been a better time to live your dreams on your own terms.