Thinking about a career change? You're not alone.

Forbes recently reported on a study that showed around 53% of Americans are currently unhappy at work.

Whether it’s because of a lack of appreciation for your contributions, or as-yet-unfulfilled dreams of something bigger, over half of American workers are unhappy – and we’re willing to guess you’re among them. How would you prefer to spend your working life from now to retirement – frustrated and underappreciated? Or thriving and fulfilled?


The Battered Career Syndrome.

If you’ve lost confidence in Corporate America, you may be one of many suffering from The Battered Career Syndrome®. Too many people in your position trick themselves into feeling content in a job they can’t stand because they’re more concerned about the potential consequences of a career change than the benefits.

Woman looking fed up at her computer

We can help.

By showing you the path forward.

Through a tried-and-true approach developed over the last 35 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source has been helping people from coast to coast prepare for and execute a career change that puts them on the path toward the future they’ve always wanted. It starts with knowing that a better future is within reach.

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Trust us.

There’s a better way.

No matter your experience level or skill set, it’s never too late to consider a transition to something better. Our goal is to work with aspiring business entrepreneurs like you to determine your goals, needs and expectations and find a way to make your vision of an ideal future a reality.

“I was traveling across the country working in corporate sales and one day I realized that I didn’t want to travel anymore! That’s when I began to think about owning my own business. I began working with my Career Ownership Coach™ who helped me begin my Journey of Discovery. For me, it was a great process. I was learning about what excited and motivated me, but also what didn’t! That was just as important. I am so happy I went on the “journey,” and was also happy to have my coach along with me. He was a very good listener. He was genuinely interested in my long-term success. and he challenged me to see some things I didn’t even see in myself.”

Lee Putnam, New Business Owner

Work through your questions and discover your greatest potential.



Our career transition launchpad is designed to help you make sense of your frustrations and get a head start on your path forward.