Think You’re Ready for a Career Change? Think Again

Still wading through the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, many are finding the idea of “work-life balance” has begun to feel like a thing of the past. For so much of the American labor force, this has been a time of intense professional, economic, and personal transition. And now, with children going back to school in a “distance-learning” or virtual environment, parents are required to add another responsibility to their already long list.

At this moment, there is nothing more valuable than having the flexibility and autonomy to control one’s time, and now, more than ever, people are considering business ownership as a viable way to achieve this. For the majority of Americans, that means a career transition.

You’re Not Alone in Wanting Career Change

The illusion of having control of one’s professional and financial situation while being employed at a job has evaporated, and people are motivated to take ownership of their careers by exploring alternatives outside of the current career economy.

As the rate of unemployment continues to increase, and job security declines, our Career Ownership Coaches™, who help people in career transition learn about the different resources and options available to them, have seen their own schedules fill up with clients exploring business ownership.

Our client number has nearly quadrupled in the last six weeks due to the dramatic shift in what was once the full employment mindset, and our coaches have heard the same sentence repeatedly when speaking with clients, “When all of this is over, I don’t want to go back to work for someone else again.”

Our Coaches repeatedly hear the same conviction from clients from all different career backgrounds, “I never want to work for someone else again,” and they are gratified that they can help their clients gain that control back.

Why Change Careers Now?

Some are obligated to continue working or risk losing their income. Others find themselves involuntarily out of work, and even if they’ve been promised the same position in a few weeks down the road, going back to work for an employer who may or may not be able to provide for them if another economic crisis happens has lost its luster.

For both of these examples, the illusion of having control of one’s professional and financial portfolio while being employed at a job has completely evaporated.

The mindset of clients has shifted. Previously, our Coaches may have encouraged clients to continue to focus on the job market while exploring other options, but that conversation has shifted based on our clients’ frustration with the apparent collapse of the career economy.

They no longer answer to anyone but themselves. They want to control their time: they decide when it’s time to start and end their workday, when it’s time to relax, when they’ll spend time with their family. And transitioning into business ownership may be the best way to achieve it.

How to Feel Ready for Career Transition

Our Career Ownership Coaches know what possibilities are available for their clients because they’ve already helped dozens of people prepare for career transition. They’ve helped them take on the processes or education, awareness and discovery, find an option that works best for them, and experience the benefits of a virtual, home-based, flexible business model. Those who transition from their corporate careers into business ownership enjoy the flexibility of being able to manage their own schedules as they run their company from home.

Reach out today to learn more about working with an Entrepreneur’s Source Career Ownership Coach and taking control of your career transition—and your future.