What Does a Career Change Coach Do?

Becoming a Career Change Coach is a great way to help others achieve their company goals. If you have a passion for all things business and take an interest in assisting with the development of strategies and techniques for company growth, consider a career in this profession. In this article, we discuss what a Career Change Coach does, how they help their clients and what’s required to become one with answers to frequently asked questions.

What is a TES Career Ownership Coach?

A TES Career Ownership Coach is a professional mentor who guides a client through the ups and downs of the challenging process of career transition. Career Change Coaches provide people seeking alternative careers with recommendations for growth and determining their company’s goals. To be an effective TES Career Ownership Coach, you’ll not only need to provide motivation but also implement strategies that help a business grow from the ground up. Overall, the goal of a Career Change Coach is to help an aspiring independent business owner grow their business successfully.

A smiling TES Career Ownership Coach greets her client and prepares to talk about career possibilities.

The Entrepreneur’s Source’s experienced Career Change Coaches are tasked with a variety of responsibilities in service of finding clients a path forward in their careers, including:

  • Identifying personal and professional strengths and growth areas
  • Keeping clients accountable and motivated
  • Communicate with clients to better understand their vision and goals
  • Guiding clients through personal and professional growth and goals
  • Help clients find the right professional path for them
  • Assist clients in utilizing their skills to transition to a new career
  • Make clients aware of their career change options
  • Explore possibilities for new careers, like becoming a franchisee
  • Much more!

What aspects of career change can a coach help with?

A Career Change Coach can help with a variety of aspects of a client’s company. Depending on what an aspiring independent business owner is looking for, a TES Career Ownership Coach can be involved in the any part of the process from first steps to opening your doors. They’re meant to guide you every step of the way.

The main business aspect a Career Change Coach helps with involves overall growth. The more growth a company sees, the more successful and profitable it will be. Since all aspiring independent business owners want their company to be successful, Career Change Coaches work alongside their clients to make it happen.

An aspiring entrepreneur learns about franchise ownership from an Entrepreneur’s Source Career Ownership Coach in a virtual meeting.

Why would an aspiring independent business owner want a Career Change Coach?

TES Career Ownership Coaches have the potential to be extremely beneficial to people seeking alternative careers. Career coaches like ours are trained to help you think about what you need, what you want, what you have and what you don’t in a way you may not have previously considered. They’ll guide you as you thoughtfully assess your abilities and skills and ask friends and coworkers what they think, too. Try our free online assessment walkthrough if you need a hand getting started.

Not only will a career coach guide you toward a more rewarding future career, but they’ll help build your confidence and be your cheerleader throughout every step of the process. Giving you the motivation to achieve your career goals is the stepping stone you’ll need to reach them.

After working with an Entrepreneur’s Source Career Ownership Coach, an independent business owner smiles in the doorway of his bookstore.

TES Career Ownership Coach, help people seeking alternative careers understand what they’re capable of, what their future could look like, and what steps they can take to reach it. Also, you can help them effectively defuse issues that arise and prioritize the most important matters that need immediate attention. You can also help them plan their finances and grow their leadership skills.

Want to learn more about how to change careers successfully? Talk to an expert Career Ownership Coach at TES today!