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The Entrepreneur’s Source 2023 Coach of the Year

Chip Meyers: The Entrepreneur’s Source 2023 Coach of the Year The Entrepreneur’s Source® honored Chip Meyers, a dedicated and passionate coach who is making a significant impact in the lives of individuals seeking a new direction in their careers, with the 2023 Coach of the Year award. Nominated by his fellow coaches and the corporate…

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  1. Generational Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity Transfer

    Career Coaching Nurtures Family Ambitions Career coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source® introduced a veteran civil engineer to an opportunity for himself and his family. At a pivotal moment in his career, Joe Olson made a strategic decision to tap into the talents of his son, Evan, to launch a business. Joe’s extensive experience in the…

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  2. How to Create a Portfolio Lifestyle™

    Double the Guidance from a Career Ownership Coach A successful entrepreneur turned to career coaching with The Entrepreneur’s Source® twice to branch out into new industries. Exploring New Options Ken Papile’s illustrious career in the fashion industry as the owner of Brand Strategy, a wholesale clothing distributor, spanned nearly two decades. Yet, beneath his success…

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  3. Entrepreneurship: A Logical Career Path For Veterans

    Why Franchising Is A Logical Career Path For Veterans For those who have served their country and are trying to determine their career path after the military, franchising presents a great option. Veterans make excellent franchise owners, and many franchisors have programs designed to help them purchase their own franchises. It’s something to remember for…

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  4. Beyond Barbie: The Rise of Women Empowered by Business™

    Barbie, the iconic doll that has been a staple in the lives of millions of children worldwide, held more than 250 careers — from astronaut to interior designer. Barbie traveled into space in 1965, nearly four years before man walked on the moon, and ran for president for the first time in 1992. Yet, despite…

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  5. The Silver Tsunami Revolution

    A Wave Of Change Is Approaching: Intergenerational Collaboration As the oldest Baby Boomers turn 80 in the next few years, a new “weather pattern” is approaching and fueling entrepreneurship for the next wave of business owners. By 2050, the proportion of the global population of adults over 60 will double, and in the U.S., one in three young…

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  6. Charting a New Path from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship

    As economic headwinds stall the corporate ascent, many professionals find themselves at a crossroads, yearning for more control over their careers and lives. After years of commitment in the corporate realm, Sable Monique Devine faced similar circumstances, compelling her to reassess her career trajectory. With the expertise of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, she transitioned into the…

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  7. Dadong Wan’s Leap from the Corporate World to Empowerment

    Dadong Wan’s Leap from the Corporate World to Empowerment. In the vast tapestry of life, sometimes tragic events lead us to our true calling. For Dadong Wan, a seasoned IT business innovator, a family loss became the catalyst for a profound career transformation. His journey from the corporate world to business ownership is a testament…

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  8. High-Level Executive Sparks New Strategy to Achieve Career Goals

    Blaze a trail to a better future. Coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source® sparked a transformation in a former call center executive, propelling him to ignite a career revolution to attain financial freedom. Mitch Wilson spent his career climbing the corporate ladder in contact center management. For the last 15 years, he held executive-level roles spearheading…

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  9. The Faces of Entrepreneurship

    Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, contributing by selling goods and services and employing people in their communities. These businesses were started by entrepreneurs because they had the drive and passion to try something new.  The rise of entrepreneurship shows no signs of slowing down as we move into the second half…

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