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  1. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Looking Toward the Future

    Looking Toward the Future Q&A Series With Mary Pang. Helping people discover self-sufficiency and achieve entrepreneurship is what sets The Entrepreneur’s Source apart. Mary Pang can’t imagine a better environment to work in than one that is founded on helping people embark on their own journey of self-sufficiency. Pang was at a crossroads in her life…

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  2. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Stop Settling for the “New Normal”

    As shorter days and longer nights mark the end of carefree days and warm nights of summer, so does (for most of us) the extra time spent with family and friends… and all too soon, it’s back to work and the “new normal.” Americans Wasted 768 Million Vacation Days Last Year.  A recent report by Statista, says that 768 million vacation…

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  3. The Entrepreneur’s Source Hires Gregory Cook as Member Relationship Strategist

    The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) Hires Gregory Cook as Member Relationship Strategist. Insightful Industry Veteran Excited to Join TES’ Performance Enhancement Center Team The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise, announced today the appointment of Gregory Cook as Member Relationship Strategist. Cook will serve as a brand ambassador for TES to help the company achieve…

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  4. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Focus on Goals for the Life YOU Actually Want

    Originally Published in Forbes, September 12, 2019. “How To Start Working On Your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth And Equity Goals” Written By Terry Powell, the Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. Have you ever asked yourself whether you’re really doing what you want to be doing with your life during your working hours? After all, we spend a pretty good chunk…

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  5. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Say Goodbye To Corporate America

    The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) Lifestyle Profile: Michael Scroope Says Goodbye to Corporate America and Hello to Helping his Community. Michael Scroope is a rock star…and his greatest fans are his family and TES coach Mike Komondy. Scroope was recently named a “Rock Star Franchise Owner” for 2019 by the “Franchise Business Review” and Komondy couldn’t agree more….

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  6. The Entrepreneur’s Source: The History Of Franchising

    Originally Published in Forbes,4/12/19: The History Of Franchising, And Why Today It’s Easier Than Ever.  Written by Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. Once upon a time, if you wanted to buy a franchise, you might have found an ad in the paper, like the one that appeared in a 1949 New York Times issue, which…

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  7. The Entrepreneur’s Source: A Gift For Father’s Day

    The Entrepreneur’s Source: A Gift For Father’s Day.   Finding that elusive work-life balance. Does this sound familiar: Wake up. Fight traffic. Work late. Drive home. Repeat. For millions of dads, this is a familiar routine. Now for some of those dads, that routine works. But for many of them, there is a growing desire to break…

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  8. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Entrepreneurship and the American Dream

    The Entrepreneur’s Source wants you to take a moment to think about the American Dream. What does that mean to you? Are you living it? For a trio of siblings in Houston, Texas, the American Dream meant owning their own business and living life on their terms. But first, they learned some valuable lessons in the armed forces. Chanel Jones…

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  9. The Entrepreneur’s Source: Is Your Job a Battleground?

    The Entrepreneur’s Source: Is Your Job a Battleground?  What kind of relationship do you have with your boss? When you walk in the door at work, does it feel like home or a battleground? They’re valid questions you should be asking yourself because your answer could mean all the difference between happiness and destructive dissatisfaction….

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