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Career Ownership Coaching™ via Franchising Leads to Success

The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career ownership™ coaching organization, believes the key to kickstarting your career 2.0 and exploring your own self-sufficiency is to consider all career possibilities.

Stay-at-home orders have caused many businesses to temporarily close their doors, leaving workers adrift and with more time to tune in to the news. While most adults say they follow the news regularly, 56 percent say that doing so causes them stress, and 72 percent believe the media blows things out of proportion, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association.

“The media has a way of creating an environment of fear and uncertainty,” said Terry Powell, visionary and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “Our coaches have really grounded themselves in being a resource for people to explore possibilities that will give them back control over their career and show there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Career Ownership™ through Franchising Offers Positive News

While media reports of sales declines and profit shortfalls abound, there are bright spots, especially in the world of franchising. Many franchise businesses flourish during slow economic times. Coffee shops, auto repair units, cleaning services, pizza delivery locations, and services for the elderly all tend to thrive when the economy dips, according to industry experts. Unlike a start-up business, franchisees have brand power, pooled marketing resources and they can negotiate trading terms from their suppliers. Most importantly, franchisees can rely on best practices from other entrepreneurs in the system who provide counsel and advice.

Ziggi’s Coffee, a 22-unit coffee chain, signed its 50th franchise agreement virtually at the beginning of May, despite the pandemic. The company also recently opened a new location in Castle Pines, Colorado. “We’ve seen record-breaking sales since opening and our customer base continues to grow every day,” said Brandon Knudsen, co-owner and chief executive. “As Americans, we are searching for comfort and community in a time like this, and Ziggi’s Coffee is rising to the occasion.”

Franchise businesses are hiring workers, despite high unemployment reports in the news. Papa John’s, a more than 5,000-unit pizza delivery chain, announced plans to hire thousands of new employees. 7-Eleven, the nation’s leading convenience store chain, plans to add 20,000 workers.

Franchisees Roll With the Punches

Being self-sufficient also allows you to adapt to change. Many franchisors are helping their franchisees generate revenue by evolving their business to boost sales. Colors International Inc., a mobile leather and vinyl repair chain, developed a new sanitizer and disinfectant to give its franchisees a valuable new service for customers. Some Texas Roadhouse locations are selling ready-to-cook produce and meat packs to customers who enjoy cooking their steaks on the grill at home. Grocery store chains and other retailers are offering customer loyalty programs for seniors, allowing them designated times to shop safely when crowds are low. Panera, a bakery-cafe chain, started an initiative dubbed Panera Grocery, which allows customers to place an order online for fresh-baked bread, produce, and other pantry staples for curbside pick-up at their restaurants.

“From limited choices on grocery shelves to the growing need to limit the number of trips outside of the home, it is an incredibly stressful time when it comes to putting wholesome food on the table, and we knew Panera could help,” said Niren Chaudhary, Panera’s Chief Executive Officer.

Career Ownership Coaching™ a Stepping-Stone to Success

If the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a layoff or furlough, now is the time to explore the possibilities associated with career ownership to provide financial security and job satisfaction. As states start to lift stay-at-home orders and Americans are able to escape the 24-hour news cycle, you can alleviate financial stress by turning off the TV and starting your Career 2.0 with a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source. At a time when shrinking savings are top of mind, our coaches can help relieve anxiety and put people on the path to career ownership, free of charge.

Even people who have considered a career change may think now is not the time to explore self-sufficiency.  They may believe it is better to hold steady and wait until things stabilize before making a career transition.  That sounds like another example of the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome, in which people are unhappy with their current job but don’t know how to take the proper steps to achieve their dreams.  We literally wrote the book on this topic and can help others learn more about their career possibilities.

If you are ready to explore new possibilities to achieve your dreams, visit the Career 2.0 launchpad to find out more about how A Career Ownership Coach™ can help you achieve financial security and success.

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